TotsBots Easyfit Rainbow Tots

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TotsBots Easyfit Rainbow Tots

Postby vivien500 » Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:46 am

Manufacturer: TotsBots
Nappy Name: easyfit rainbow tots
Type of Nappy: AIO but with a boostable pocket
Fastener: applix
Material: PUL outer, inner bamboo velour with a bamboo and microfibre fold out booster
Size: birth to potty

Reliability: 10/10
Absorbency: 10/10
Cuteness: 10/10
Drying Speed: 9/10
Slimness: 7/10 but my son is tiny and on the smallest setting!
Value for money: 8/10 cheaper and just as cute as the easyfit prints

Overall Comment:

Detailed Comments:
I bought these at the recent baby show in Manchester on the launch day so I was lucky and got them at a fantastic price but at £14.99 each they are still reasonable for an AIO (you can also buy all 6 for £84.99 where you get one of each colour).

They come in a range of 6 colours which have the cutest names, inspired by tots bots facebook fans nicknames for their babies. The colours available are cherub (bright blue), sweatpea (green), poppet (red), sugarplum (gorgeous purple), pumpkin (orange) and mucky pup (brown and my absolute favourite!).

The rainbow fits poppers up and down so it fits comfortably from birth to potty. The biggest setting looks huge and I can't quite believe my tiny boy will fill that one day! It is a sort of hybrid between an AIO and a pocket because it has a fold out inset that can be folded and stuffed into the pocket. I fold mine so it has a double layer at the front for my little boy. It can also easily be boosted. He was around 9lbs when we started using them and they would have fitted sooner. The colours are also available in teeny fit though should you want something trimmer for a newborn. The applix is great quality and has stayed new looking even though I've been using them for few months now. They are 100% dad proof (once the fold out insert has been stuffed after washing) and incredibly quick and easy to put on.

The outer cover is made of a super soft feeling stretchy PUL that is so gorgeous and soft it mades me want to squish it every time I pick one up. I have some of the easyfit prints which feel lovely too but the rainbow tots material is like nothing I've every felt before. My son looks so snuggly in them. The inner is a gorgeous bamboo and the fold out insert is bamboo with a microfibre backing just like the easyfit prints so they are fast drying, especially if you only line/airer dry your nappies. They also feel the same whether line dried or tumble dried unlike some nappies which use bamboo. My son is breastfed and the nappy has managed to hold in all poo explosions and has washed so well. Any stains that might cling on have sunned out so easily (and so quickly - who knew the sun had such magical powers!) He is wearing them at night at the moment and when boosted with a hemp or bamboo booster and with a fleece liner on top of the nappy inner they have easily lasted over night where other pocket or AIOs have failed.

If I was to have any criticism of these nappies the only thing would be they are a bit bulky on him for daytime use (but then I am a huge itti fan so what wouldn't be?!). That and the fact that I love mucky pup and sugarplum so much I can't bring myself to use them :-)

So all in all I think these are a fantastic addition to the tots bots family and are a serious contender when considering a birth to potty option. I LOVE them :giggle:

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