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Dispute Process

Postby MrC » Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:41 pm

Cloth Nappy Tree provides the classifieds area free of charge and is not responsible for any transaction that take place within it. The transaction is entirely between the buyer and the vendor. We do however want to know if someone is behaving inappropriately to take steps to protect other members. You should check the member's feedback before you enter into a transaction and make sure you are happy before you send money or the article sold. You are under no obligation to buy from or sell to any member.

Please take adequate steps to protect yourself in any transaction i.e. by paying by a protected PayPal method (not a donation or "gift") and by making sure you use an adequately insured or protected method of postage to a verified address. It is always a good idea to obtain proof of postage.

What to do if there is a problem with your transaction, for example goods not received:

    1. Firstly please allow a reasonable amount of time to receive your purchases as people cannot always post immediately and there may be delays in the postal service.

    2. If you have waited a reasonable time, then contact the seller by pm and/or using the email address you sent payment to. Please be patient when waiting for a response.

    3. If you can't get a satisfactory response then you will need to raise a PayPal dispute (note that you will not be able to do this if you sent a donation "Gift" payment for the goods, hence the reason for the forum's ban on Gift payments). Please inform a Moderator via PM that you have raised a dispute. Please remember that if you are raising a dispute against a vendor for an item you are not happy with, both Cloth Nappy Tree and PayPal require you to return the item to the vendor at your own cost before you are issued a refund. We require that the vendor refund the full amount paid for the item including it's outgoing postage cost and any other fees paid at the time of purchase.

    4. Please refrain from posting details of the problem in public areas of the forum. This generally just causes animosity, lots of work for us and in our experience never leads to a swift resolution of your problem. Do however use the feedback area so that people can easily find the information in the future.

    5. Hopefully the seller will resolve the matter, otherwise your dispute can be escalated and PayPal will make a decision .

    6. Please inform one of the Moderators that you have had to raise a dispute, giving us full details of the transaction and problem i.e. the seller/buyer, purchase dates, proof of postage, the issues you have had and how it has been resolved.

    7. Please don't hesitate to use the feedback system to help inform other people about potential problems. That is after all it's purpose and is one of the best ways to keep our classifieds safe and useful for everyone.

Members who have had a dispute raised against them and have shown little or no documented effort to resolve the problem will have their access to the boards restricted and in particular will not be able to use the Classifieds section. This also applies to WAHM's if there are problems with their WAHM transactions.

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