Fleece pants trial is on!

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Re: Fleece pants trial is on!

Postby Slebro » Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:47 pm

Louise wrote:IMO if the fleece is leaking then the nappy underneath isn't absorbent enough. ...I have never been able to use a boosted nappy designed for day use overnight, only dedicated night nappies here!

@Louise :( yeah I was suspicious of this and really want to avoid spending more on nappies if I can... his brother went through a similar heavy night wetting phase and I know it didn't last more than a few months?

little1 wrote:might be a silly suggestion but have you tried EC'ing him, don't worry i don't mean no nappy, but if you hold him over the loo with you sitting behind him, holding him under his thighs in a squat position before bed he may well do a huge wee. The same thing can be done once in the night by having a potty or large bowl or just popping him to the loo. My DS would pee/poop on the toilet pretty much every time at that age, and we only started when he was 5 months due to awful nappy rash. Worth a try and less hassle than changing wet sheets :wink:

@little1 hmmm I haven't tried him at all actually - I might give that a shot if we can't find another option, especially if he starts getting any nappy rash at all.

sim wrote::thumbsup: it worked!! :yahoo:

@sim yay! Have finally got a hemp booster in ds2 nappy this evening tho with pul as want to see how soggy it gets...

Little Pants wrote:Have you tried using 2 bamboo nappies underneath, and forgetting about trying to boost a single nappy? I know this works great under wool so can't see why it shouldn't under fleece. But going back your the earlier posts, putting a disposable under wool, or PUL under wool or fleece won't work at all, as the wet won't be able to dry out of through the waterproof layer.

@Little Pants When he was smaller I was doubling up on bamboo nappies and it did really well, but since he's into totally unpopped size 2s I haven't tried it at all, only putting terrys on the outside which is huge! I'll try that and see how it goes, thanks for the suggestion. With ds1 I used to add boosters between disposable and wrap overnight - they were never soaking, just damp, and I remember reading your how wool works post a while ago! I knew the wee wasn't evaporating but was just sat there, hence the boosters... this doesn't work with ds2 as the disposables aren't just full they seem to wick through their own waterproofing, ie he isn't wet at thighs or tummy, but where he's lying on his bum. I had wondered if that meant the fleece might work (it didn't) but maybe because the gel stuff in the sposie absorbs the wee it doesn't dry out in the same way?

Thanks so much for all the advice :widesmile: virtual cake all round :cake: :giggle:


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