weenotions night nappies. I need advice please x

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weenotions night nappies. I need advice please x

Postby angiepangie2809 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:22 am

Hi ladies.
I am realy struggling on the night nappy front. I am currentlyusing medium and large standard and slinki minkis but am not too happy with them.
Firstly they are having to be sooooooooo heavily boostered that they are bloomin ginormous on him, they realy are too big, and secondly we are getting leaks, some times from the front and sometimes at the legs if we have to over booster...which we do.
i am thinking the time has come to try a specific dedicated night nappy and as the new weenotions night nappies are getting good feedback i think i want to try one of those but i dont know where to start.

theres too much chioce and i just need the cheapest one i can get so can someone help me?

i dont like side snap nappies much...can i get them with front snapping or applix?
what insert should i go for for maximum absorbancy pref without having to booster further?
I dont want a fancy one, just a plain one but would prefer bamboo/ or fleece/ or minkee but it does have to be as cheap as i can get as am on unpaid mat leave now so am skint.

also what wraps should i look for?
i prefer fleece or fleece with pul, i dont do wool so what would work best and be the cheapest and not too bulky over the nappy?

any advice realy is greatfuly recieved before we have to go back to disposables at night
thanks x
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Re: weenotions night nappies can you help me please?

Postby Scotia » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:29 am

I'm pretty sure you can just get them in side snaps. Ours has the cuddlesoft topped insert but it comes with 2 inserts - one for the pocket and one snaps in and lays on top. The new version works great for Kerr.

You can get fleece soakers for around a fiver from nappy wardrobe, snugglebots and I'm sure there are others, just can't name them off the top of my head :-?

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Re: weenotions night nappies. I need advise please x

Postby lazylexis » Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:33 am

What do you stuff your minkis with?we stuff a large slinki with 2 ptits dessous and 2 ep hemp.
We used our large wnnn last night and had a bit of leg gape but no major leaks.i used the wnnn inserts plus an easy peasy hemp and a little lambs bamboo booster.the rise is huge and the nappy was as bulky as our minki.

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