Night nappy troubles

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Night nappy troubles

Postby lazylexis » Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:37 am

We've had 2 leaks this week again.
One night was our uncustomised puddlekins boosted with a greenkids booster folded in half, a puddlekins booster in half and a little lamb booster in the nappy.he had a puddlepants fleece soaker and a fleece pair of trousers on and managed to leak.
The other nappy was a medium flutterby fluff which he just squeezes into on the loosest snaps.it had the trifold booster folded in half,a puddlekins hemp booster and a little lamb.he leaked through wool.
The only things working are large ffs but we only have 2 which louise has lent us and they get boosted with 2 boosters and our customised puddlekins but that is totally soaking to the tabs in the morning with extra boosting.
Anyone got any suggestions other than asking em to make an even more absorbent one as that'll be a bit of a wait.ffs obviously i don't think we'll manage to get hold of!last night he was ok with 2 medium ff with 3 boosters folded in half inside the nappy and 2 between nappy and wool.
I'm lanolising the wool after every wear atm too!
Slinki minkis are too tight but standard too big.
Wnnn we get leg gape with if i put enough stuffing in.
We also have the problem that if nathan has a wet nappy around his waist too long his eczema flares up.

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Re: Night nappy troubles

Postby Louise » Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:40 am

You can borrow more of mine if you like, Katie hardly wets at night now. (They are all girly though). You could also try LLS bamboo hemp fleece with zorb booster, I don't thinhk turnaround time is that long for nappies.

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