Toddler, mum braving night nappies for the first time HELP

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Toddler, mum braving night nappies for the first time HELP

Postby sineadrankin » Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:14 pm

Hiya, as the title says I am a newbie to cloth, with dd1 I avoided it and went to disposables as I didn't know much about it and was so nervous! This time round I'm taking the bull by the horns so to speak and have researched everything.

Baby no.2 has a full stash of fitted, pockets, btps, etc.

DD1, is 2.8 and potty trained for about two months, she is however wet at night, and I am near to my last 3 or 4 of nappies for night time use. She uses the pull up pants and they have never leaked and is getting dry on some nights.

I have been thinking that it may not be too late to swap to reusables now for her at night. So I sized her up today and the btps i have will fit her. I also have extra inserts etc.

I have 5 nappies in one size, so was wondering what your advice would be on the best one.

lollipop one size
a spongebob pocket nappy, bought preloved, unsure of make but it comes with 2bamboo inserts and is really thick.
nature babies pocket one size
Another one which I think is motherease but its faded so can't read the label per loved.

I'm trying to do this without buying preloved/new ones as I don't think she'll be wet for long.

Any suggestions from what I've got?

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Re: Toddler, mum braving night nappies for the first time HELP

Postby LizJM » Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:21 pm

Can't advise on the nappy types, but I recently switched my almost 3 year old to overnight cloth. I use a bumgenius or flip with no boosters, and no issues. I suspect that he is dry most nights and all I am catching is the odd leak before he gets to the potty in the morning.

If your LO is similar then I would just try 'and old thing' and see what happens.

Actually DS now refuses to wear a disposable pull up as he says they itch compared to his cloth nappies . I just used stuff from DDs stash as well, but now DS wants some print ones 'just for him'.

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