Nappy Fairy 2008

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Re: Nappy Fairy 2008

Postby Rae » Tue May 20, 2008 1:27 pm

Your screename: Rae
Childs name: Kayleigh
Boy or girl: girl
Childs age:19 months
Childs weight and build:Was 13.2 kg at bedtime the other night, woke up had a nappy change and was 12.4 kg. Is tall for her height, and stocky as well but average weight for her height. Is on the inner popper for the waist and last popper for the legs for her M/L pocketbots and airflow wraps, so I think a large is a better option than M/L now as her legs are building up with all her walking.
Type of nappy/wrap/not-nappy: Only a fitted nappy if it is a night nappy, but if a night nappy it needs to be able to be heavily boosted. Pockets or Ai2's would be a better choice.
Likes/dislikes any other info to help your fairy: Aplix fastening preferred over poppers, and poly PUL preferred over cotton prints (however not fleece outers for day nappies). Not fussed on white, and love prints in preference to plain colours. WAHM preferred.

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Re: Nappy Fairy 2008

Postby Natalie » Tue May 20, 2008 4:43 pm

Childs name: Amber
Boy or girl: Girl
Childs age: 10 months
Childs weight and build: She's 20 pounds we go for large pockets or m/l slim fitteds
Type of nappy/wrap/not-nappy: Pockets or slim fitteds
Likes/dislikes any other info to help your fairy: I love minkee at the moment and i tend to buy mostly minkee/ minkee.
I love pastle and bright colours i'm trying to avoid black and white at the moment. We only do poppers as i dont like aplex. I would love a wham pocket/nappy. Last thing Ambers a redhead so sometimes i need to think of colours incase the clash she carnt really wear peach or red are the main ones i can think of :)
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Re: Nappy Fairy 2008

Postby jules070603 » Tue May 20, 2008 8:12 pm

Childs name: Zach (Zachary)
Boy or girl: B0y
Childs age: 2 years and 1 m0nth
Childs weight and build: I d0n't kn0w weight, will check. We are in large everything and Zach is L0NG!!!
Type of nappy/wrap/not-nappy: P0cket 0r funky fitted.
Likes/dislikes any other info to help your fairy:
I'm changing my mind c0mpletely!!! This might be a bit specific s0 ap0l0gies but please c0uld we have s0mething 0ne-size and unisex. I definately want a nappy but realistically Zach might n0t wear it t00 much s0 have t0 think ab0ut 'next time'. I'm n0t keen 0n fleece 0uters 0n p0ckets and n0 animal print. F0r p0ckets we like p0ppers 0r applix, f0r fitteds p0pper 0r nippa. D0n't have a pr0blem with emr0idery alth0ugh n0 pers0nalisati0n this time. Fleece inners are n0 pr0blem f0r us.

I'll update if I think 0f anything else.
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Re: Nappy Fairy 2008

Postby paw foot » Wed May 21, 2008 8:59 am

Your screename:Dansmum
Childs name:Daniel
Boy or girl:Boy
Childs age:12 months
Childs weight and build:23lbs med/long
Type of nappy/wrap/not-nappy:We use pockets but would be happy to try a 2 parter. We prefer aplix (so Daddy and nursery can do changes) but we do Wee notions poppers :hohoho:
Likes/dislikes any other info to help We like bright nappies and patterns. So far we have not got on with wraps we have uses rikki and one life (leave red marks) so happy to try others. We would like more WAHM. We do not use wool as a cover (being Vegan not keen on the lanolin) but would not say no to an uncoated pair just because they look cute! Mummy is keen on btp as she hates having to stop using things but its not a key factor. hope that helps, I'm so excited

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Re: Nappy Fairy 2008

Postby Mareth » Wed May 21, 2008 10:37 am

How did I miss this?!

Your screename: Geordie_Girl
Childs name: Rhys
Boy or girl: Boy
Childs age: will be almost 10 months by the end of June :shock:
Childs weight and build: about 21ish lb and chunky
Type of nappy/wrap/not-nappy: Pocket or wrap or maybe some wool
Likes/dislikes any other info to help your fairy: If a wrap or pocket, nothing personalised please, I have a plan for that myself soon :lol: . We like really strong striking designs if going for a pattern. If wool please remember Rhys' boots and bar, so longies are out unless they can be opened down the legs. Wool soakers would have to be buttoned/poppered.
ETA: Rhys is a large in most pockets I'd say.
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Re: Nappy Fairy 2008

Postby ericaj1 » Wed May 21, 2008 8:59 pm

Your screename: Ericaj1
Childs name: not born yet
Boy or girl: unknown
Childs age: newborn
Childs weight and build: don't know yet but will probably be 9 1/2 lbs+
Type of nappy/wrap/not-nappy: anything but already have Little kiwi packer and quick flip so something different would be nice
Likes/dislikes any other info to help your fairy: no not fussy

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Re: Nappy Fairy 2008

Postby pinkydinkydoo » Sat May 24, 2008 7:41 pm

Your screename: pinkydinkydoo
Childs name:Rowney
Boy or girl:girl
Childs age:6 months
Childs weight and build:approx 17lbs, she wears large stuff
Type of nappy/wrap/not-nappy:we like pockets really but night nappies (fitted) will be needed shortly :wink:
Likes/dislikes any other info to help your fairy: Not into girly girly stuff but anything else is fine. ETA We love WAHM nappies, weenotions are current faves.
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Re: Nappy Fairy 2008

Postby Velvetsteph » Sat May 24, 2008 10:48 pm

Your screename: Velvetsteph
Childs name: Isabelle Fleur
Boy or girl: Girl
Childs age: 2years & 1.5months
Childs weight and build: Hard to say - Medium build I guess! She's not skinny that's for sure but she's not hugely chunky either... She's probably over 30lbs now but no idea on actual weight - she's in Larges for everything nappy really... and 2-3yrs for most clothing (unless it's a brand which comes up small in which case add a year!!)
Type of nappy/wrap/not-nappy: Okay so change of plan here... It has to be a onesize pocket so that it can suit a future baby too... Fairly specific I know but we're potty training this summer and I don't want anything to go to waste :(
Hope that's not too specific for you!!!
Actually wool would be good too :D Shorts or a wrap for summer...

Likes/dislikes any other info to help your fairy: LOVE weenotions stuff... Like blueberry minkis too :) Ideal would be a really girly onsize pocket :D
Anything with sheep...
Like girly/funky embroidery but not personalised please...
She really loves shaun the sheep
Girly is good but unisex is better probably (girly is good girly is good!), LOVE rainbows and funky/hippy stuff...
And did I mention the sheep? :hohoho:

Oh and NO cotton prints please - heavy toddler wetter...

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Re: Nappy Fairy 2008

Postby caeganol » Mon May 26, 2008 8:11 am

Your screename:caeganol
Childs name: Rishabh
Boy or girl:boy
Childs age: 1 yr
Childs weight and build:don't know but we are in large
Type of nappy/wrap/not-nappy:----pockets only please. wraps longies/shorties
Likes/dislikes any other info to help your fairy:---likes pockets, patterned please would prefer a WAHM. Prints and funky only please. No plain and boring colours. should be fleeced lined. Hope I don't offend the fairy. But will do a pic of my stash and hopefully that would help.


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