all these questions are making me confused, so...

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all these questions are making me confused, so...

Postby joodel » Fri May 30, 2008 12:07 pm

...just to clear up any confusion ...

from my original nappy fairy post:
I'd like a pocket or night nappy (I'd love to try a weenotions-hint hint! :wink: ) My daughter Kathryn is 14months old and about 17lbs (8kgs). Slim built, heavy-ish wetter.

And the answers to everyone's questions so far:
I prefer poppers to aplix/velcro
I don't mind stripes/colours/animal fur -it's for a 14month old petite toddler girl
I'd be happy with a wrap too (popper)
bamboo rather than hemp
I wouldn't mind embroidery or personalisation
it doesn't have to be UK WAHM
I don't mind if someone on the board makes one up for me either

Think I've covered all the current questions ... :shock:

Have fun and I'll be happy with whatever I get as it will be different to what I've got (which is not much!)


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