My cloth journey so far

Written by Nicola on the 05 June 2007

My cloth journey so far

I have been using parenting forums for a few years now and stumbled across cloth nappies after seeing one of the sites cloth forums and became intrigued as to what cloth was like. I started to read a few posts and then posted a thread myself saying i was thinking of using cloth and asked lots of questions. Lots of lovely people replied back with lots of info. I must admit my first thoughts were that it seemed all very complicated. There was all this talk of wraps, boosters, liners and goodness knows what else and my mind was boggling at the info I got. The cloth forum ladies were very good and one WAHM (work at home mum) who made nappies said she would make one up for me, I agreed to give it a whirl, it was a pocket nappy she sent me. When it arrived and I tried it on Evie I was amazed by the 'big bum' look!! I tried my new nappy and found it was actually ok, no leaks and we started using it part time and gradually over the course of the next few weeks i became hooked and started to buy more nappies.

My husband wasn't keen, but i was unperturbed and soon discovered there was just sooo much choice out there! Now my husband does use cloth, only pocket ones but I am just happy that he is using cloth.

My initial reason for choosing cloth was the environmental aspects and the money saving side of it too, mind you that side didn't last too long as i soon realised that there were sooo many out there that i wanted to try! But I reasoned with my conscience saying to myself i would sell them on once we had finished with them and we have done as well as buy more too! The resale value of them is good though and up to recently when Ebay decided to ban the sale of 2nd hand nappies I did pick up some fabulous bargains. I now pick my bargains up via cloth forums that have 2nd hand sections for members to sell their nappies.

I also discovered wool again down to people on forums suggesting I try it, i now own 3 pairs of longies and soon will own a pair of custom shorties too as they are currently being made for me.

I know i will be really sorry when the time does come for Evie to potty train as we are not having anymore babies so I don't know what I will fill my time with once she trains as I enjoy coming on cloth forums and chatting cloth!

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