My Venture into the world of Cloth San Pro

Written by Nicola on the 31 October 2007

 My Venture into the world of Cloth San Pro

I have been using cloth nappies on my daughter for almost a year now but only recently found out about Cloth Sanitary Protection (CSP or Cloth San Pro). I saw a section for it on a cloth nappy forum, read some replies and started to think "it’s a bit daft me putting Evie into cloth if I am not going down the same route myself each month". So I started to research and find out a bit more about Cloth San Pro and what is available and then decided to give it a whirl. Up till then I had been a tampon girl.

I am now having my 2nd period using them and so far i have been very impressed. At first, like anything else, I had to get used to the feel of a sanitary pad again. Apart from after I gave birth I hadn’t used sanitary pads since I was a teenager. Once I had got used to the feeling it was fine.

I have steadily built up my Cloth San Pro collection and now boast a wide range of pads. To name a few: some weenotions ones, peeweez, moonrabbits and bumbeano pads. It’s almost as addictive as buying nappies! I still need a few more to see me all the way through my cycle but by the next one I should have enough!

Another ‘venture’ I have tried successfully! Helping to save the environment and keeping costs down are my main reasons for trying them. I’m pleased to say I am now a Cloth San Pro convert !

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