Cloth Nappy Tree Tickers

Create a colourful personal dynamic web ticker to use on your blog or forum signature

Cloth Nappy Tree Small Ticker

We set out creating these signature tickers to make something new and exciting. Your tickers can help you keep track of all sorts of events in your life. They can even make anouncements on special days such as a happy birthday or a hooray, I reached my target weight!!

We also wanted to make the tickers easy for you to cutomise and update. You can edit any aspect of your ticker whenever you feel like it from your account. You can store all the tickers you have created so you never have to start again from scratch.

Colourful and customisable tickers

Colourful Ticker

Every ticker colour under the rainbow! If you want pastels you can have them, but if you want to go really wild you can choose virtually any colour for any part of your ticker, including the text colour, the counter colour and the background colour. We realy didn't want everyone's tickers to look the same and I'm sure neither do you.

Every ticker gives you the option to display your own text, incuding names and messages you want to show others.

Nappies Saved from Landfill Ticker

Cloth Nappy Tree Large Ticker

The Nappies Saved from Landfill ticker counts how many nappies baby has saved from going to landfill.

Pregnancy Ticker

Cloth Nappy Tree Large Ticker

The pregnancy ticker shows you the time you have been pregnant for and the time you have remaining.

Age Ticker

Cloth Nappy Tree Large Ticker

The Age Ticker counts up from the date of the person's birth.

Weight Ticker

Cloth Nappy Tree Large Ticker

The weight ticker can be used whether you are trying to lose weight or gain weight. It will help you keep track of the weight you have lost or gained, the weight you still have left to gain or lose, the days you have left to go on your diet program and your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Breast Feeding Ticker

Cloth Nappy Tree Large Ticker

The Breast Feeding Ticker tells you how long you have been breast feeding for.

Event Ticker

Cloth Nappy Tree Large Ticker

The event ticker is for counting down to any event you have in the future, such as an anniversary, a holiday or even Christmas.

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One Ticker for all sizes

You don't need to create different tickers for every size you need. Just create one ticker and you will get it in both sizes.

Wide Tickers

Fantastic personalised full sized tickers (400x80 pixels) to use in your blog, forum siggy or email.

Mini Tickers

You can create small tickers (220x100 pixels) to fit where no ticker has gone before!

Edit your Ticker when you want

Do you want to make a subtle change to the colour, background, slider or text of your ticker?

It's simple just go to MyTickers where you can change any part of your ticker as many times as you want.


Have you got any cool graphics you'd like included?

We would love to hear from you. We are really interested in wacky textures and vibrantly coloured images.