How can you help our community?

Cloth Nappies

Cloth Nappy Tree is constantly growing and changing. We love doing and adding new things and we need your help to make Cloth Nappy Tree better. The team is still very small and very busy so we would love more people to join the fun and help realise our objectives for Cloth Nappy Tree. Don't be shy, get in touch.

The good news is that there are many ways that you can help with Cloth Nappy Tree and you don’t necessarily have to be a cloth nappy expert! If you have some time and good will, you can really help a lot!


Use Cloth Nappy Tree

It may seem obvious, but Cloth Nappy Tree members are really great contributors: You send us emails full of positivity and enthusiasm about the site, which make us want to work harder for you! You send us great suggestions and bug reports to keep everything working smoothly. You find ways to tell people about Cloth Nappy Tree to spread the word about using and recycling cloth nappies. Please take a good look around Cloth Nappy Tree and tell us what you really think and how it could improve!

Help the community

Support other members on the forums and meet other Cloth Nappy Tree members.

Write reviews and articles

This is so important, particularly to new members. Writing good informative articles and reviews about cloth nappies, parenting and your environmental initiatives really helps people make informed decisions about their lives and their imact on the environment.

Learn more about Cloth Nappy Tree and get involved

You can subscribe to some of the forum RSS feeds to receive the latest Cloth Nappy Tree posts, classifieds, reviews or news straight to you favourite RSS reader. For example, subscribe to the Your ideas for Cloth Nappy Tree RSS feed to stay tuned and get involved in discussion about the latest ideas proposed by members for new features and improvements. If you have an idea to make Cloth Nappy Tree better or find something to mend, please do tell us. You can guarantee that if it makes your experience better, then it will do so for others

Spread the word about Cloth Nappy Tree

Write an original blog post about Cloth Nappy Tree on your blog or website. Or if you see an article about Cloth Nappy Tree on someone else's page, let us know! We love to hear about what other people think.

Start a blog at Cloth Nappy Tree

If you have an interesting topic to discuss or share, start a blog at Cloth Nappy Tree. We would love to hear from you and see you share your projects with others.


Marketing is incredibly useful to Cloth Nappy Tree and for getting the recycling and use of cloth nappies more widely accepted. Some useful things you might do: improve Cloth Nappy Tree's image on various websites (facebook, twitter, etc.), contact journalists to let them know about the project, spread the word on blogs, websites, magazines, etc. Currently there are no marketing people in the team, you could make a massive impact!

Submit suggestions and improvements

You can tell us what we can do to improve Cloth Nappy Tree in the Your Ideas for Cloth Nappy Tree forum.

A bit about funding


Cloth Nappy Tree is a non profit making project designed to help people use and recycle cloth nappies and make informed decisions about their impact on the environment. Everyone involved in the project does so out of love and a commitment to benefitting our environment. Of course running the site takes oodles of time and costs real money, so donations are very much appreciated. All funds from donations and advertising are used for the development of Cloth Nappy Tree: marketing, design, site improvements, hosting, bandwidth etc. You can donate money to our paypal account here:

Cloth Nappy Tree Donation.

Site Supporters

Deed or Donate

If you've done something to support the site or our charitable activities, we hope we can say thank you properly. You can become a site supporter if you've done something significant to help out such as regularly organising activities, taking part in admin, moderation, marketing, deeds of charity and wonderful good nature, donations, are a current advertiser/shop owner and lots more. In short anyhing that keeps us going, improving and doing good works. We don't want to incentivise Site Support by offering you rewards, so we won't bore you with great long lists. We do however try to give site supporters and business site supporters some extra things that we just haven't the resources to give all members. Hopefully they make using the site easier and more productive and for business you may be interested to note that your creations will be given more exposure throughout this site. Please do let us know if you've done something for the community or know someone who won't say so, even if it's in the past, we'd be mortified if you got left out.

Site Support works on points. If for example you donated an object for a charity sale you might be credited with 3 months worth of Site Support points. Those points decrement each day until they eventually reach zero at which time the system automatically removes Site Supporter status. Those points are purposely set too reduce very slowly. Whilst we encourage good deeds, we dont want to force people to be doing them constantly. The odd good deed every so often is more than enough for us, but do please do more if you can and can spare the time :)

Support the Supporters

Site Supporters provide provide a lot of help and a large proportion of the funding to keep this site running and improving for everyone. Please visit their websites and show them some love if you can. Site Supporters have baby blue user names throughout most of the site.

Suggestions for Businesses and Shops


Tell people about Cloth Nappy Tree and the creations you have placed on it. When you do this you're not just helping us, but also yourself and your fellow entrepreneurs. Please help us create a supportive and vibrant creative community by treating it as such and respecting and promoting the beauty and effort others put into their work.


Advertising revenue is extremely important to Cloth Nappy Tree. Many thanks go to our advertisers who help pay for our hosting and development costs. You can find out more about helping us and yourself by visiting the partner page or contacting us here.

Forum Sponsorship

Shops with relevant products can now sponsor individual forums. Again, revenue from Forum Sponsorship goes towards helping Cloth Nappy Tree help others use cloth nappies. Contact us for more information.

Shops and Web Site Support

We have access to a lot of knowledge, skills and infrastructure because of what we do. We would like to use that to help small businesses with environmentally friendly products. We are pleased to be able to offer presentable, ad free and reasonably priced shop web sites to members. Please contact us if you are looking for a shop solution.

Suggestions for technical people


Usability is very important for us. If you can write html, css or even php or javascript: discuss, suggest or submit a new user interface or usability improvement.

Look and feel

If you’re a whizzo designer, then you must be shocked by some bits of the Cloth Nappy Tree user interface. Why not help us by making Cloth Nappy Tree look better?


If you like to delve into code to look for security issues, please do so, and tell us about any problem you can find or suggestion on how to make Cloth Nappy Tree more secure.

New Features

If you would like to get involved with coding or design, or even take on a project of your own that you feel fits in with our goals for the site, please contact us.

Do you need guidance?

Our time is limited as we are a very small team and we think of Cloth Nappy Tree as a community. If you’re willing to put some time and energy into Cloth Nappy Tree, we would love to help you get started. If you have any questions or if you need some guidance, feel free to contact us.

Please help us spread the word

Donations will be used to help Cloth Nappy Tree facilitate the recycling and use of cloth nappies.

We are serious about their benefits. If you are too, please consider donating.

Cloth Nappy Tree Donation.

We want to help you use cloth nappies

If you need help or advice about cloth nappying or have any other questions about the site, parenting or baby things in general then please contact us.

Please try to find or ask for what you need in the forum first though. That is what our community is all about and your question will probably help someone in the future.