About Us

Welcome to Cloth Nappy Tree

Cloth Nappy Tree was founded in 2005 to provide a non profit venue to discuss and promote the use of Cloth Nappies as a viable and ecological alternative to disposables.

Cloth Nappy Tree is the largest cloth nappy discussion and advocacy community in the UK. We are proud to have provided the resources to help thousands of families inform, recycle and supply themselves with cloth nappies.

Every last penny that is generated by the site is put right back into it to further the goal of spreading the word as far as possible.

Our goals are to:

  • Help people to publish interesting new content that promotes the use of cloth nappies as a truly viable and ecological alternative to disposable nappies.
  • Promote a safe, friendly, kind and supportive community atmosphere where members need not fear discourtesy and respect each other's individuality and dignity, if not necessarily their opinions.
  • Provide an environment where you can have fun and help each other through the times that might not be so fun.
  • Provide help to new Wahms who produce cloth nappies and other environmentally friendly products.
  • Provide a balanced and spam free environment where people do not feel they are being continuously marketed to or asked for money.
  • Provide a safe, secure, free and well managed marketplace where members can sell their second hand cloth nappies to allow them to reach their full and awesome recyclable potential.

Our goals are not:

  • To be a general parenting website. There are enough of those elsewhere that do a perfectly adequate to excellent job.
  • To provide a free marketing opportunity for those who do not share or help us pursue our goals.
  • To become a new ebay. We have no interest in making a profit from you recycling your nappies. In short, it is and always will be free.

Thank you for using our site. Please spread the word.