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Author:  0_Lisa_0 [ Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:26 pm ]
Blog Subject:  6 weeks

OK so today wasn't too bad, felt a bit rubbish this morning and could quite happily have gone back to sleep when Austin got up at 6.20 but I got up and got on with the day. Nausea coming and going, the heat hasn't helped and I have had to eat something about every 2 hours but I am trying to get meals in with snack between and it seems to have worked a bit better. I am praying that the worst is over (I know I have about another 6 weeks but a girl can hope) and I just have to hope that it's just the tiredness I have to contend with. I am napping in the afternoon which I thought would come later but come on, after today I think I can do this :mrgreen: