Our life with acute myeloid leukemia

Just a diary I'm keeping after we found out on 9th June 2010 (our baby's first birthday) that my other half has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and how we get by (hopefully I'll be better with this than I am with a diary :giggle: )

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Back to earth with a bump.

Permanent Linkby 0_Lisa_0 on Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:55 pm

No long post tonight, I just want to remember how life can remind you of just how serious your problems are with one little episode. OH blacked out twice today and so we are all reminded today of just how serious everything is, this is cancer, it is real and it is serious and despite how well it has all gone up to now maybe we should all be a bit more cautious about what we are dealing with.
On an upnote (and, yes, even on a crap day like today there can be an upnote) I think we may have found the wedding venue :D


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