Homeschooling week one (and a bit)

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Okay - so the day before we start homeschooling officially as it were, I have had gallbladder surgery (keyhole) so am feeling a bit sore and need to sit and recover!

So day one was dvds :oops: but that's ok - day -1 was DH taking the girls to the science museum and a ride on Thomas and some craft activities while I was in the hosp so actually I'd prefer to count that (and the whole of the summer...

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The "Baby led weaning" Diet ;) ;) ;)

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No mummy I absolutely do not like spoons, or food just milk thankyou...

But please will you pass me one of those....

Any bit of paper that's on the floor looking interesting
Your trousers
Isabelle's trousers
Daddy's shoes
Mummy's slippers
That ball looks interesting
Ooooh I can reach the hoover again
Mmmmm tasty jumperoo
Oooooh more shoes!
I wonder what that bumbo tastes like
That tissue box was tasty
Anything Isabelle is playing with ...

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Stash pictures

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Grace's pockets:


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My stash list!

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Medium Dunk & Fluff Joel Dewbury pink sparrows
Medium Dunk & Fluff Kumquat pink guitars
Medium Tykie Diapers - Dragonfly embroidery
Medium Tykie Diapers - mushroom&gnome embroidery
Medium Tykie Diapers - orange stripey
Medium Tykie Diapers - Heather Ross goldfish in bags
Size 2 fluffymail SS kumquat elliot elephant print
Size 1 Hollow Oak pink&purple LWI hand-dyed obv
Medium Flutterby Fluff - blue/red LWI hand-dyed obv
Medium Flutterby Fluff - Black/blue/red...

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My for sale list...

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Nothing is selling especially PUL wraps and small pockets :? - right now I have the following huge list for sale :shock:

Cotton Fitteds:
Muttaquin 3SR (Onesize fits most)
Easy Peasy Bimble size2 (BTP)
Small yellow&red dip dyed little lambs cotton - nippa fastening with free nippa & fleece liner...

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