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Hiya, welcome to my blog on the Cloth Nappy Tree as a huge plug to my Puddlkins Venture.
My site is and I make cloth nappies and other baby things. I also make Wheelchair Leather Backrests, seat slings, non slip cushion covers and strapping for wheelchair sports. I am paraplegic, and have been so for 11 yrs now.
I love my piano, sewing, crafts, gardening, *walking* ( ehheee), wheelchair basketball and handcycling. I don't have time to do everything but right now I've decided that sitting in front of a computer all day, coding, is not my idea of fun, no matter how much it pays!

I had so much fun taking some time out to do stuff for myself, I've decided I'm not going to work full time from home anymore, and I'm going to sew!

My poor man, well he copes very well. He, ahem, *loves* * cough cough nappies ;) Even more so when he asked a few weeks ago what I was sewing, and it was the new san pro's!! His face ;) hehehe. Well I've always come with rolls of fabric and a desk full of sewing machines, my first one was given to me by my school in Germany, and I still have it!! Ex army school sewing machine, its the pfaff 1222e .. my personal favourite for al things thicker than a nappy! I make wheelchair backrests from nappa leather with memory foam in between.. a girl needs a little bit of luxury when she's in a chair!!
Next up is my Pfaff (i do like them !!)Creative 1475CD Love him to bits.
Btw, every machine has its spare too, I'm never ever without a machine!!!

My newest most loveliest machine is my Huskylock 905. I Didn't want to spend any more on an overlocker, just in case I didn't get on with it.. Ive had Juki and Pfaff sergers, and they are all sooooooo very very different. I would say though the corners arent quite so tight on the husky lock compared to the Pfaff but it doesn't really matter. Only thing that I will really notice it on is the breastpads!

Any enough waffle for 5am!!!

night all!!

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