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Author:  emica30 [ Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:17 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Baby Sophie's nappy stash!

Hello everyone! This thread seems like a great idea, so I have also written down everything I have! We started with cloth nappies only in October last year, when Sophie was already 5 months, after a Mum and baby group with the Devon representative for the Real Nappy Project - she showed me a Tots Bots Mushroom Magic and how easy it was, and I have been hooked since then!
Here is a picture of the culprit....I love my Tots Bots Easyfit, and they are a very reliable nappy:

We didn't do cloth with my son who is now 3 and a bit and potty trained (just about, ahem...). This was largely because I had no idea how easy it was, and had never seen the nappies :wink: - I thought it was all buckets sloshing with disinfectant and stinky piles of boring plain cloth...How wrong can a girl be? :hohoho:

I only had the Tots Bots initially - job lot from Natural Baby Shower, then added the Itti Bitti Medium limited editions ones, and a few wraps....then bought a few fitteds for nighttimes, and a few more wraps....and then I found the Cloth Nappy Tree, and went...a bit mad :doh:

Baby Sophie’s Nappy Stash

Pocket Nappies and AIO/AI2s

Tots Bots Easyfit V2
7 x white
2 x Tutti Frutti
2 x Cherrylicious
2 x Flower Power
2 x Mushroom Magic

Itti Bitti D’Lish [L]
(limited edition) Sky Blue Polka
(limited edition) Pretty in Pink
(limited edition) Strawberry Fields
Silver [SIO]
Fuschia [SIO]

Itti Bitti Tutto – Bubblegum
Itti Bitti Brites (limited edition) – Sweetheart
Bundles of Buns Mijee-Mites AI2 [L]– Pink with elephants
Thirsties size 2 - lemon
In a Pear Tree [L] - blue
G nappy [L] - red
Weehuggers size 2 – Jungle Jam

Stash picture: AIOs and pockets, part I - minus quite a few in the wash - victims of this week's teething episode - I think we all know what I mean....

Cutie Patootie
Pink and Blue (plains)
Blue and Red Mushroom trim (plains)

Wee Notions Side Snap [L]
Flower Child/Lime [SR]
Retro Dots/Baby Pink [SR]
Flower Child/Mocha + Woot Owl/Baby Sophie [HR]
Blue Hearts/Raspberry slush [HR]
Zebra/Hot Pink + Zebra embroidery [SR]
Lime/Pink/Purple stripes [HR]
Fuschia/Lime/Paisley [SR]

Wee Notions Night Notions [L] – Pink dotty with ‘Made in Britain’ embroidery

Stash picture: Wee Notions and Cutie Patootie

Sophie's special Wee Notions!

Cushie Tushies
London Mod Squad
Pink Spot

Issy Bear

Hahtuvahullu [L] –
Pink Birds

Bright Star Ultimate Trim Fit All in One Diaper size 2 - Nantucket Plaid
Girly Pirate
Hootie Tutti

Blueberry OS snap - White Dalmatian
Blue Paisley

GroVia – Red flowers
Bum Cheeks OS snap – Espresso Owls with tangerine slush and owl embroidery
Neppula pocket [L] – Magic Hedgehogs
bumGenius OS snap v4.0 – Butternut
Baba&Boo OS snap – Dark pink
Wonderoos (Hip Hip Baby) OS v2 – Lemon
FuzziBunz ‘Perfect size’ [M] – Bubblegum pink

Stash picture: a couple of fitteds (others in wash or to arrive), and my wraps and some woollies

Stash picture: AIOs and pockets, part II!

Fitted Nappies

Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch size 2 x 5

Dunk-n-Fluff [L] – Fatal Attraction
Snoopy [M]

Muttaqin - Cupcake
Multi spot [L]
Hello Kitty [L]

Holden's Landing [M] - Hedgehog and toadstool
Black owl print [L]

Tiddlybums [L] – Hello Kitty
Fluff and Stuff [L] – Hello Kitty
Zinnia Flower [L] – blue chickadees

Eccobots [L] – Yellow polka
Blue and ecru stripe

Green Baby – Farm print x 2
Clwt Twt – Humpty Dumpty
WAHM made Pink flower and ribbon print
Zinnia Flower [L] – blue chickadees


Eccobots fleece wraps size 2
Chocolate smarties
Yellow Polka

I love Eccobots - they are local to Devon, and sooooo fluffy and soft! I have a picture of my matching fitted and wrap from Eccobots - they have bamboo outer, then lovely soft fleecy interior in a range of designs:

Pumpkin Pants [L] – Owls
Lollipop [L] – White
Tots Bots size 2 – White
Nature Babies [L] – Orange Flowers
Dunk and Fluff [L] – Panda
Blueberry – Pink Lemonade
Bright Star Snapper Diaper Cover [L] – Bubblegum Giraffe
Wee Notions double fabric wrap - Dalmatian Minkee/Baby pink dotty, cobalt blue edging and Curious Kitty Corner embroidery
Wee Notions double fabric wrap - Cotton Jersey Lavender flowers/Lavender minkee, pink candy stripe edging, Geisha emroidery

Wool soakers

Wool girly soaker [L]
Tempestuous Poppet skirt and soaker set
Dragonflair soaker
BBLL blue banana soaker
Snugglepants soaker – Maple Leaf (9 mths-2 years)
Snugglepants longies – Chocolate Button (9-18 mths)

I know nothing about wool - but this forum has inspired me to find out more!! I have bought a couple of items on here, and some from BabyBots.

Wool and Fitteds, part II

OK, so this is all for now! I want to investigate Bright Star Baby/Fishnoodles and some other cute ones I have seen on here. If anyone has any suggestions as to things I really really ought to try - let me know!! I probably need to sell some of the smaller ones I have soon to make way for new and wondrous things!! I also need to get to bed earlier, LOL :night:

Emma x :coffee:


Author:  suec1976 [ Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:34 am ]

Wow, a fantastic stash. I am very jealous. I think you should post a photo too so we can see the stash, think you may need to take photos of different catagories though as you have so many!!
My first baby is due April 1st and I am intending to use cloth, have started to build up my collection over past few months and yes these forums are lethal and feed the addiction!! I love it though!! I have taken a pic of my stash and will try and post it on here. I have bought Olive Jane wraps too - xs and S. How did you wash them as I want to pre wash ready for first use to get rid of any chemicals on them but am scared the lovely colours will run?
Have you tried any Weehugger wraps as I really want to - apparenltly you can use them with an insert like a flip, same with thirsties. I also have a Gen-Y wrap on my wish list and Cutie patootie one size cloth nappy - plus more!! Let me know when you sell any of yours they all sound so nice
Sue x

Author:  emica30 [ Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:30 pm ]

Hello Sue! Good luck with your pregnancy - the first one is so exciting! I have now added some pictures - not enormous - I'm not sure how to make them any bigger! Not tried Weehuggers, but love the ones with little hands...I was thinking of ordering a Bright Star Baby bubblegum giraffe wrap - they are adorable... There is a nice blue Cutie Patootie for sale here which I had been contemplating, but undecided - my cash flow situation is in crisis after a month of buying fluff. I'm afraid I'm not too hot on washing tips - I just bung everything in at 40o or 50o for an hour or so with a non bio powder and no conditioner, and let it line dry by the radiator. I have done this with my Olive Jane wrap, and it seems fine!
Good luck with your growing bump and stash, and let us see some pics when you have time!
Emma x. :wave:

Author:  emica30 [ Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:01 pm ]

Ooops - my finger must have slipped on the keypad, as I appear to have ordered a Nantucket Plaid Bright Star Baby, and a Bubblegum Giraffe wrap....(pic when they arrive). How did that happen? :giggle: x

And here they are! As beautiful as I had imagined! :yahoo: The Bright Star nappy looks excellent and very slim fitting, so I shall enjoy trying that on DD tomorrow, and we may try the wrap overnight tonight. They really didn't take too long to arrive from the States, and they are definitely not the most expensive nappies I've bought...


Author:  emica30 [ Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:23 am ]

I loved the Bright Star nappies so much, I ordered two more - Limited edition Hootie Tutti and Girly Pirate. They are just gorgeous (arrived this morning).


Working from home is excellent, as I can be in when fluffy post arrives, but also rather dangerous, as there are multiple distractions, not least from the Tree...! :giggle:

Emma :doh:

Author:  emica30 [ Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:31 pm ]

I have updated my original post with all the new nappies I have received via fluffy post since then. Many are preloved from on here, so you may recognise them, and some, like the Bright Star Baby ones, are new. I think I better stop now before my lack of nappy storage situation gets out of hand...

Author:  sugarplum [ Mon May 16, 2011 9:28 pm ]

emma hi, fancy seeing you on here (its kim with baby Phoebe) lol. :pregnant:
you stash is sooooooo amazing i am literally drooling. :oops:

Author:  emica30 [ Wed May 25, 2011 6:32 pm ]

Oh hello!! Sorry - only just noticed this post! Yes, I love the Tree, it's great! I got a lot of my stash here!! How are you doing? x

Author:  JACook [ Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:53 pm ]

Oh my goodness if you ever want to sell your ittis pls message me! :-)