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Current fluff stash - March 2010

by HighlandMum on Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:01 am
Stash list as of 23rd March 2010

*Pics to be added soon*

Sandy's Stash

All in ones (10)
Large Itti Bitti SIO Black
Large Itti Bitti SIO Chocolate
Large Itti Bitti SIO Purple
Large Itti Bitti SIO Royal Blue
Large Itti Bitti SIO Yellow
Large Itti Bitti SIO Red
Large Itti Bitti SIO Jade
Large Itti Bitti SIO Mint
Large Itti Bitti SIO Rockmelon
Large Itti Bitti AIO...

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And again!

by freyasmummy on Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:56 pm

10 x blue tots nippa
1 Modern baby fitted, size 1
1 Ethangelie bamboo BTP
3 x QD Pie size 1
1 Kissaluv size 1
1 Sugarpeas peapod emb., small
1 Muttaqin 3SR, GHMILY print
3 Muttaqin NB
1 HL Bedbug, Hedgehog emb.
1 Sandys XS, blue
1 Sandys S, white
1 Luxebaby, blue dolphin
1 Diddy Diaper
1 Kiwi Quick flip, cotton, small
3 CB NB shells
1 The Raven tree icky nuts BTP
1 BuggaBugga Boutique Later Gator, small
1 Bugga Bugga Boutique Fire Dogs, BTP
1 Babybeehinds hemp BTP

4 Bamboo squares...

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Wool Nappy Covers - the basics

by Little Pants on Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:52 pm
So many people have asked me how wool can possibly make an efficient nappy cover, that I thought it was time to start a blog. So here goes.

How does wool work as a nappy cover?

I'll start with an explanation. Wool is absorbent, but absorbs very slowly. Because of the body heat of your baby, and the warmth of the wool, it also allows moisture to evaporate, and this happens at the same rate as it absorbs, especially if the...

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motherease/poppolini/onelife - same poppers?

by bunny30 on Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:53 pm
HI does anyone know if motherease & poppolini nappies have the same poppers as onelife nappies? I have lots of good bamboo boosters which fit my onelife nappies, however I need to boost my supplies and have seen some motherease and poppolini nappies for sale which look like they might fit..... :-?
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alfies fluffy bum stash so far :)

by nappymad09 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:49 pm
17 tots cotton nippa nappies sz 1
1 thirsties fitted
1 eco bubs wool pocket medium
1 muttaquin medium
1 tots stetchie sz 1
1 tots flexi tots sz 1
2 bg aios xs and small
1 itti aio blue polka dots SMAll
1 rumparooz in gumball
2 pop in bamboos
1 piddle poddle ai2 small
1 tush fitted small
2 wnnl 1 med 1 small
1 poddlekins (think thats the correct name) small
another ai2 unsore on name small
mighty mouse fitted not sure on name snall
lil stinkies pocket small
UD pockets small in choc small, space and...

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