Itti bitti d'lish advice please

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Re: Itti bitti d'lish advice please

Postby Dora » Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:38 pm

gilbertandmartha wrote:
Dora wrote:
gilbertandmartha wrote:
Dora wrote:tuttos have the gusset for poo containment-never been let down by them and the rise is loads bigger. are you sure you dont like them? :giggle:

so does this mean I HAVE to try the tuttos? I'm a bit in love with my itti's at the moment.

go on....give them a go! ;-) worst can happen is that you'll love the itt's a bit more :giggle: x

I knew this would happen. I had big ideas that I was just going to use 1 type of nappies.... thats long gone out of the window!

Know the feeling. I thought i was going to use flips! Id cry if i was stuck with those now. Too BORING.


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