Gardening jobs for late winter!

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Gardening jobs for late winter!

Postby clothmama » Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:08 am

I keep thinking of things I need to do so thought I'd do a list - maybe you guys will think of things I've forgotten and do your own lists!

  • Divide and replant the rhubarb
  • Divide and replant irises
  • Work out where to put divided irises :giggle:
  • Prune front grapevine
  • Prune back grapevine
  • Prune (dead?) grapevines on tobacco barn wall
  • Finish weeding / clearing / cardboard and mulch tobacco barn border (south side)
  • Move seedling shelf to tobacco barn wall
  • Start some seedlings in my milkbottle greenhouses
  • Plant last bag of onion sets
  • Finish getting the chicken area sorted out (ongoing project!)

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