Do you grow your own?

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Re: Do you grow your own?

Postby Amanda » Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:26 pm

Last year was my first attempt at growing veg, apart from a couple of runner beans the year before. We had

Potatoes - I bought potato bags at B&M stores very cheaply. We planted seed potatoes but in one of the bags I just planted a few leftover supermarket spuds and that bag gave the best crop! I've since read that seed potatoes are disease-free but there's a risk of disease with supermarket ones. But if you're growing in containers it doesn't matter as the disease won't spread anywhere. We got scab on some of the ones grown from seed potatoes but all it means is you have to peel the potato a bit more deeply. Slugs seem to like them though, was nearly :puke: when I was lifting the potatoes and what I thought was a big lump of earth on the side of one suddenly moved under my fingers and turned out to be a big fat slug which had eaten it's way through it.

Onions - I collected some bamboo canes from a freecycler and she gave me some leftover onion sets, they were our best crop.

Various lettuces - not good, I left them too long as I expected them to fill out then suddenly they bolted and went to seed. Although they were quite handy to leave in place as the slugs and snails munched on them instead of the other veg, apart from the gross potato one.

Tomatoes - bought as ready grown plants, one of them got blight and there was a bit of blight in one of the potato bags too, don't know who was to blame but I'll keep the two crops further apart next time if they're going to share diseases!

Carrots - these grew well, no problem with carrot fly, a couple of them flowered and must've self-seeded as when I was clearing the tub there were loads of unexpected little seedlings.

Runner beans - none of us like them much but they're lovely to grow as they're so quick and easy and have such pretty flowers.

Alpine strawberries, planted late so didn't get any fruit but they've survived the winter so far so fingers crossed for next year.

Chilli and basil indoors.

No idea about a calendar though, I need to be a bit more organised next year so I keep up successional sowing which I started doing last time but didn't keep it up.

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Re: Do you grow your own?

Postby twinkletot » Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:28 pm

We have grown strawberries and tomatoes last year. This year I want to grow more strawberries some peas (Nathan loves fresh raw peas) and some thing else. Not sure what yet though.

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Re: Do you grow your own?

Postby gayleygoo » Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:01 pm

I have never managed to grow much in our pots in recent years, my fear of slugs means the poor little plants usually get abandoned and it all seems to grow so slowly, last year I bought tomato plants in April and by August there were still no red tomatoes.

This year my plans are quite ambitious, I have the following seeds so far!
- squash - "celebration", "jumbo pink banana" "spaghetti"
- tomatoes (bushy/trailing plants)
- pumpkin munchkin
- pak choi
- carrots (purple, red, yellow, maybe orange!)
- french beans, long red noodle beans
- leaf beet spinach
- purple cauliflower
- cauliflower romanesca (the trippy green one)
- cape gooseberry
- peas
- replant herbs in herb pot because most of them are now dead... except rosemary because it would survive a nuclear explosion.
- strawberries (if last years plants survive)

and flowers like chamomile, lavender, nasturtiums, hollyhocks and sunflowers. Looking at this all now, I know I can't reasonably grow all this because our back yard is tiny, and we only have a few square feet that actually gets sun, which is taken up by DH's mini greenhouses for his purposes. I'm also hoping to use some hanging baskets and maybe keep some pots out the front if I can trust they'll not get stolen...

I'd love a couple of dwarf fruit trees for apples or cherries etc, but DH told me he'll report me to the RSA for "plant neglect" if I buy trees :giggle:

I bought some plastic poly pots (you can get them on ebay or from hadopots.co.uk) which are cheaper than spending a large amount on pots. I still have lots of pots from last year too, probably all with thriving slug colonies in them **shudder**

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Re: Do you grow your own?

Postby GingerNic » Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:12 am

This thread has got me excited about planning this years veggie plot!! :D

I've lived in this house for 3 years, and have been growing veg with different levels of success, it's all a bit trial and error so far! We grow them mostly in a small veggie patch, plus a few containers on the patio.

Last year we grew:

Runner Beans
Mixed Salad Leaves
Potatoes (in bags on the patio)
Pak Choi
Mange Tout
Cucumbers (in a big container in the sunniest bit of the patio)

Dismal Failures

Tomatoes (for the 3rd year running they got blight and died...think I need a greenhouse for these to work in Wales!)
Purple Sprouting Broccoli (got trashed by the frost)
Aubergine (again, too cold and wet here!)

We're planning on doing all of the successful veggies again this year, and probably curly kale as well, as this was much hardier than the PSB and the chickens love it too!

Going to go and buy some seeds now!!

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Re: Do you grow your own?

Postby NaturalNursery » Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:15 pm

We do grow quite a bit now - more each year.

In no particular order:

Potatoes, tomatoes, parsnip, spouting brocoli, cauli, broccoli, strawberries, blueberries, red/black currants, gooseberries, asparagus, lots of salad stuff, plums, onions, garlic, leeks, spring onions, raspberries, peppers, aubergines, cucumbers, peas, beans, sprouts, winter green, pak choi.

Actually, looks like quite a lot when it is all written down doesn't it!


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Re: Do you grow your own?

Postby cookielucylou » Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:06 pm

We are hoping to grow a few things this year. Oh has dug a patch in a sunny spot ready. We have cauliflower, carrot, parnsnip, squash, lettuce, raddish, red onion and spring onions to try from seed. Does that sound ok for beginers?

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Re: Do you grow your own?

Postby drummy » Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:43 pm

Parsnips can be a bit difficult to bring on from seed, only 2 of ours took last year!

Otherwise sounds good. Carrots really like nice loose soil too.

We've got our allotment up and flying now :) early potatoes are in as are the carrots in the polytunnel.
Greenhouse : Seed wise sown so far we have cauliflour, cabbage, beetroot, leeks, tomatoes (normal and cherry), sweet corn (went in today) and runner beans.
Theres lots of new growth on the raspberries, black berries, black currents and cherry tree :yahoo:
And we've added blue berries this year too
The rhubarb is going well, must be all this nice warm weather

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Re: Do you grow your own?

Postby elliebear » Thu Apr 14, 2011 3:08 pm

ladybird wrote:Spinach I find soul destroying, you can grow masses and by the time you cook it you're left with very little.

So true!
I never cook with it for that reason, I just use baby leaves for salad.

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Re: Do you grow your own?

Postby keljbj » Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:02 pm

I think i have got most of mine in now :D My Dad decided that his veg patch was too much for him as he has COPD, so he asked if we would like to tend and plant it for him as an allotment type thing :D So we have had a chance to plant much more than we could have at home, where we are limited to pots.

We have carrots (2 varieties), leeks, onions, parsnips, radishes and runner beans (they are in the greenhouse atm). He already has strawberry plants that have survived the winter and are in flower already :D

In pots at home we have potatoes, spring onions, basil and watercress. We also still have strawberry plants in hanging baskets from last year, and two container blueberry bushes out the front :D

My Dad also has loads of fruit trees, which we get the pick of the crop from. Two varieties of plums, 3 eating and 1 cooking apple varieties, 2 pear trees, a cherry tree and loads of raspberry canes. I think this year is (FC) going to be a very self-sufficient year. Although tbh even if we have bumper crops for all the fruit it still wouldn't last 5 minutes in my house :giggle:


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