Weekly Cleaning Routine

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Weekly Cleaning Routine

Postby Peaches2472 » Thu May 10, 2012 3:04 pm

I really need to set up a weekly cleaning routine to spread the work and keep on top of things. However I am having a mental block on this and just can't see to get started. :doh: I have a washing routine for the clothes (being cloths helps with having to be orgainised on that front). Please give me some inspiration but putting your weekly routines down! :widesmile:

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Re: Weekly Cleaning Routine

Postby Rox » Thu May 10, 2012 3:32 pm

Monday clean kitchen (usually only needs a quick once over & floor of as we keep it clean as we go tbh)
Tuesday clean full downstairs inc floors - i also hover the stairs
Wed - day off :wink: :giggle:
Thursday clean bedrooms & hover carpets inc 3rd floor stairs
Friday no cleaning but i do the household shopping

Sat sweep & mop downstairs floors inc kitchen
Sat/Sun clean bathroom with DH

Our clothes washing gets done as and when a load is ready so it is pretty much on going tbh. The ironing gets done usually by DH one night in the week depending on when im working.

The bedding gets changed every other week or sooner if necessary, that would usually be done on a Thursday with the upstairs cleaning.

Seems really anal but i find a routine does help and just keeps it going rather than one long chore. Sometimes if i have a busy week and one free day in there i might decide to shove it all into one day to get it done but generally i do it a bit at a time.

... and obviously if i feel something needs doing and its not the day to do it, or if the bathroom needs a quick once over mid week i will, but on a whole thats how it works.
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Re: Weekly Cleaning Routine

Postby Twinkletoes » Thu May 10, 2012 3:37 pm

Daily: at least one load of washing washed and hung; food prep; 5 mins of a bathroom clean; beds made; quick tidy up; nursery and work bags packed; hoovering kitchen & family rm (maybe not every day) dishes and kitchen cleaned; kitchen bin out.

Weekly: bedlinen (rotate between our bed and dds); floors washed; damp dust; upstairs hoovered/cleaned/tidied; more detailed tidy up downstairs if needed.

Random: recycling; windows washed; toy boxes sorted; cupboard clear outs; charity bagging; bath toys.

Never: ironing; gardening! Dh irons our work clothes once a week, but I never do it! Feel sad about not doing anything in the garden, but there aren't enough hours in the week, so these things slip down my priority list.

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Re: Weekly Cleaning Routine

Postby Bessandra » Sat May 12, 2012 5:52 am

Loving this thread! My house really suffered throughout my difficult pregnancy and then went to complete ruin when I had Jonah! Now he's a year I'm trying to get back on top of things (inc the garden!) so any tips are very useful!

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Re: Weekly Cleaning Routine

Postby JabberJabber » Sat May 12, 2012 6:16 am

Everyday we do:
Wash load and hang to dry
Put clean clothes away
Pack work/nursery/change bags
Tidy bedrooms (make bed, put toys away, put things straight)
Tidy kitchen (clear dining table, wash and wipe up, wipe surfaces down, get something out for dinner)

These really don't take this long, but keep the house tidy and organised.

Then one or two of the following each day:
Vacuum up or downstairs
Empty bins / recycling
Clean bathroom and loo
Change bedding (either ours or the childrens)
Water plants
Do menu planning and online shop

I will do paperwork and filing as and when. Garden rarely gets a look in!

However, all has gone out if the window with new baby and imminenet house move, so I guess I'll be able to get into a new routine sometime around December :giggle:

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Re: Weekly Cleaning Routine

Postby Louise » Sat May 12, 2012 7:25 am

I have a fairly strict routine too

Quick bathroom clean (I do the shower just after I 've had one in the morning and the rest of the bathroom when the children are in the bath, then give it a quick wipe round when they get out)
Quick kitchen clean
Make beds
Quick tidy of bedrooms
At least 2 washloads
Wash and lanolise some woollies
Dust and tidy downstairs
Hoover downstairs and the stairs (at least once, generally twice :roll: )
Prepare and cook dinner
Make up packed lunches
Put clean, ironed washing away
Mop floors

Then I do one room thouroughly each day (cleaning under/behind furniture etc)

Monday - change childrens bedding, kitchen
Tuesday - downstairs rooms
Wednesday - bathroom, order food shopping
Thursday - hallway and stairs
Friday - our shopping gets delivered on a Thursday so I try and cook a few meals on Friday and freeze some
Saturday - change our bedding, sort out toy storage as they've generally got all mixed up during the week
Saturday and/or Sunday - tidy, dust and hoover bedrooms (depending on how long DH is asleep in there during the day! and what our plans are for the weekend)

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Re: Weekly Cleaning Routine

Postby Rox » Sat May 12, 2012 8:33 am

Jebus Louise, you dust downstairs every single day??! and hover the stairs every day Whhhy? lol

...and my list is the 'clean' routine - obv i do things daily like wiping round the bath after she gets out and the bins/cat litter, making the beds etc gets done daily but thats just an ongoing thing.

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Cloth Nappy Goddess

Re: Weekly Cleaning Routine

Postby megansmummy » Sat May 12, 2012 10:02 am

I'm being pretty strict with myself at the moment! An organised house is helping a lot with my pnd!

*Washing, hang out as much as needed/possible. Tumble dry a load if needed.
*fold yesterdays clean washing, into piles and put away
*clean kitchen and bathroom, restock where needed.
*Clean dining table, mats and chairs if needed after each meal
*Hoover downstairs
*take out tomorrows dinner if necessary
*pack school bags and packed lunch
*plan and prep meals for the day
*de clutter surfaces and put away
*dishwasher, load and unload as needed
*empty bins as needed
*wash out millies bowls
*change bunny litter trays, water bowls and fresh hay
*poop pick in the garden as and when Millie performs

*beds (rotate kids one week ours the next)
*clean out fridge
*order/do food shop
*Hoover bedrooms, bathroom, landing etc
*mop kitchen and conservatory floors
*dust where needed
*sweep patio, tidy outside (as needed do sometimes daily but mote often than not its weekly)
* sweep out rabbit hutches & runs and properly wash/disinfect out food/water bowls for bunnies and Millie

*Online pet stuffs order
*Hay pick up from farm
*Clean inside windows (normally done more than monthly but just as needed...the patio doors and conservatory windows get really mucky fast)
*tidy out/sort sheds

I'm sure there is more :roll:

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Re: Weekly Cleaning Routine

Postby Peaches2472 » Sat May 12, 2012 7:12 pm

Thank you for the replies! Where are the children when you do your cleaning? I find I clean one area to turn around and they have created more mess than what I started with :doh:


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