Weekly Chore List

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Weekly Chore List

Postby Caroline » Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:23 am

Aside from all the usual cleaning and laundry I've got extra jobs this week that I want to crack on with. I have Monday and Friday without the kids so they *should* be my most productive days.

Change over duvets, wash and pack away summer ones
Store patio furniture
Move playhouse onto patio

Buy new throw[s]
Tidy dining room cupboards
[s]Tidy stairs cupboard (should involve trip to the tip)

Sort winter wardrobes for kids (involves buying vests, long sleeved tops, slippers etc)
Order rug grips
Clean windows in mine and Max's room[s]
[s]Tidy corner in living room

Sort books (this is an epic task as we have enough books to make a library)

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