Wednesday work

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Wednesday work

Postby littlesez » Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:49 am

Nice start to the day after the morning school chaos! I got rob out of bed and we went to soft play with Leon they are both tired and teary eyed so sent them off for a nice nap together :D

House work
Wash darks
hang out
wash lights

hang out
wash and lanolize woolies
hang out
clean kitchen
put away veg box order
tidy lounge

clothes away
declutter clothes
text the electrician

work work

Purchase orders
more info for printers
post office run
find out how to change the voicemail on my phone and do it!
See if the fax is still working as not had anything through for a while
stationary order

sewing and knitting
finish leons leggings
finish izzys cardi
cut out the next item
email vicky about embroidary machine :twisted:

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