Friday Fings to do!

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Friday Fings to do!

Postby clothmama » Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:43 pm

  • Go to friends to get kids passport forms signed then - Oops was in a bad mood and stayed home hibernating! Will make myself feel better by the fact that anything I've done this week is a bonus as I wasn't even supposed to be on leave and had I not started early I wouldn't even have started all my bits :giggle:
  • make booking at the post office to get it handed in (today?)

    Sorting / cleaning:
    Not sure yet :lookround:
  • Sort through the 3876 odd socks in the house, find friends and throw out!
  • Get together a load for charity shop, J to take
    Nice thing
  • :sewing: my bag (yes I still haven't done it :doh: :doh: )
  • Make cute baby hat with newly fixed overlocker :bw: :yahoo: :sewing:
  • Cut out 0-3 gown
  • Overlock 0-3 gown

    Everyday things
  • Washing
  • Bake a frittatta for lunches and a low carb banana bread
  • Sweep / mop

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Re: Friday Fings to do!

Postby littlesez » Fri Oct 24, 2014 6:03 am

Put away clothes
NNappy wash

Hang out
Another wash
Hang out
Clean kitchen
Sort out desk
Declutter bench
Sort out cupboard in lounge
Tidy bedrooms
Tidy bathroom

make roast dinner :D

Pack orders
Book courier
post office run
Email accountant
finish off one resource and email printer
Social networking and adding pics and listings
POs and invoices
Pay tax

Nice things
Girls movie night :love:

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