Thursday Resolutions

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Thursday Resolutions

Postby dawnsmummy » Thu May 26, 2011 10:39 am

Right, I'm jumping back on the Flylady bandwagon, at least to some extent. I gave it up because I was sick of all the "praise the lord" and advertising for rubbish country and western singers :oops: :oops: :hohoho: But found a post on MSE which is minus all the poopy bits ;)

So my list today is a mixture of the past couple of days of Flylady. Know you're meant to do just one day at a time, but my plans today where to do my bedroom as it's a tip :oops: So I'm going to do bits off Wednesday and Thursdays lists, seeing as I actually did a bit of today's list yesterday without knowing it :giggle:

Strip my bed

Clear Floordrobe!
Wash my bedroom window
Clear landing
Hoover upstairs
Clear and mop bathroom floor (will do after child's bedtime!)
Empty bathroom bin
Clear window/windowsil
Wipe down bath (did this yesterday hehe)
Clean sink (Dawn has already 'done' this but will go over it again lol)
Cat litter tray

And while doing this I will be trying to fill a bag with junk and a bag for the charity shop.

Wish me luck! :shock: :hohoho: I'm not trying to do ALL of it, but as much as I can. Can always spill some over to tomorrow if need be ;)


Bag Count:
1 3x3x3ft box of recycling
1 huge bin bag to list on here
2 bags for life for ebay
1 bin bag for charity shop
1 bin bag in bin!

Seriously, where does all this junk come from?! I haven't even STARTED on Dawn's toys or my clothes yet :oops:

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