Sleep patterns

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Sleep patterns

Postby clairelana » Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:21 pm

The last week or so Kaydi has decided to only go to bed at around midnight! She used to go at 10pm.

When she was going at 10 she was waking at 1am for BF and around 4-5am for another . She generally woke up at around 8am.

Now she is going to bed at 12 shes waking at 7am for BF then going back to sleep till around 10am!
How do i change this?
I would like her to go to bed much earlier than midnight and really before 10pm too.
It all changed when she settled with her feeding in the day too. She eats more food now and wants food before her BF Do you think i need to change the times she's eating solids and having:boob: ?

Does anyone have any sugestions?


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Re: Sleep patterns

Postby Frances » Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:39 pm

Re. sleep, it does seem that your DD has got her timings mixed up and is sleeping for about the right length of time, but at the wrong times. I really recommend you read the No Cry Sleep Solution, which has lots of tips. Basically,I suggest that you start to bring your DD's bedtime forward - perhaps by 1/2 an hour per night until you're at 8pm. Make sure that she's tired by that time and start to incorporate a routine, such as a bath, story, then feed, if you haven't already. This will make sure she's expecting bed so it doesn't come as a nasty surprise! Once she's down, don't let her get up again! If she cries, go in and settle her and pick her up for a cuddle for a minute if you need to - but put her back in bed. Repeat this as many times as you need to! She'll eventually realise that you're not going to let her get up. Hopefully after a few weeks she'll settle into this.

Re. feeding, this is a time of change and it's usual for LO's to be in funny patterns until they get settled into a pattern that suits them. She should not need a night feed at this age - it's up to you if you want to continue to give her one, but if you don't want to, you can gradually cut it out and she should increase her intake in the day to compensate. I managed this at 5 months by popping a dummy in after I'd gven her a tiny :bf: After about 3 weeks she stopped waking in the night. Regarding feeding, our pattern at 8 months (which has been in place for about 6 weeks) is:

8am - DD wakes up on her own and comes in bed with me for a quick :bf:
9am - cereal made with formula, water, some nibbles, e.g. toast or banana chunks
12pm - veg, lentil or cheese based solids, sometimes a jar of fruit, nibbles, water
3pm - bottle of formula (I'm back at work soon)
5.30pm - child sized yogurt, nibbles, or some of our tea if it's suitable, water
7pm - bath followed by story, :bf: and bed at 8pm
10.30pm dream :bf: (I'm going to cut this out soon).

This works really well for us, although you'll probably need to adapt it to suit your DD.

Best of luck - I'm sure you'll find a way forward.

Jasmine also has two or three naps during the day, totalling about 2.5 hours
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Re: Sleep patterns

Postby AnnetteandBen » Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:11 pm

A lot depends on how much sleep you want lo to have during the day and how much free time you want / need to get things done.

Have you tried doing the morning feed and then getting up and starting daytime. I know with the shortest day of the year tomorrow it is hard, but turning on all the lights and making it bright at 7.30 and perhaps offering a solid as well as a milky breakfast to start the day with, and trying to keep her awake for an hour or two before having a morning nap could be a start.

Our routine around the same time (4 months to about 11 months) was breakfast on waking 7.30 ish, an hours nap in the morning around 9.30 sometimes later, lunch at 12.30, nap after lunch, playtime, sleep cuddling daddy at 5pm for an hour, dinner 6.15, bathtime at 7.30 til 8pm, milk then bed before sleeping until about 7.30 again.

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Re: Sleep patterns

Postby Annette » Sat Dec 20, 2008 7:41 pm

I am a huge believer in a good night time routine whatever happens in the day - I follow a general routine in the day with Ben but with a toddler and wanting to be able to do things, he usually has to fit in with us.

Ben has always been a rubbish sleeper but has been good at going to bed at 7pm since he was about 8 weeks old - this is when we put Charlotte to bed so it makes sense to get them together at the same time and have some peace!

So we do bathtime at around 6.30pm if they are having one (when establishing the routine, they had one every day so that it gets them used to knowing it is bedtime) and then it is into their room, pyjamas on, bit of milk and then into bed. The first few nights Ben did grumble but as pp says, once they are in their room, don't get them out again, just keep going back and settle them.

Ben's vague routine is as follows:
7am - up, milk and then breakfast
9am - nap for about 1-1.5hours
milk when he gets up
11/12pm - lunch
1pm/2pm - nap which will be about 2hours
4pm - milk
5pm - dinner
6.30pm - start bedtime routine
7pm - in bed asleep

He still wakes in the night, usually around 3/4am but I am hoping he will sleep through eventually!

You can either try establishing the routine and moving it earlier each evening or just try introducing it at whatever time you want it to be - this is what we did, although Ben was alot younger so I don't know how it works with older babies. let us know how you get on.

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