What pain relief did you have in labour?

What pain relief did you have in labour?

Pain relief!! What pain relief!
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Postby sjb2711 » Wed Jan 23, 2008 9:21 am

Just water for both - it was fab!

Long(ish) labour first time around, 16 hours with ~ 4 hours spent in the water! Had Jacob in hospital birthing pool.

Second time around it was a very speedy (planned) homebirth with a half filled birthing pool! Joseph came a bit quicker - 3 hours in total from first twinges. No real pushing to do - just popped out!!

Such a sense of acheivement not needing any other pain relief!


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Postby Velvetsteph » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:16 am

madcatlady wrote:but I have photos from 20 mins after giving birth where we all (Me nursing Edward, OH, both midwives, and my cat) sat on the bed drinking tea and eating jaffa cakes.

That just sounds perfect!

Glad you had an experienced MW though - eek!

I would love as natural as possible a birth next time but they're EXTREMELY reluctant to let VBACS happen at home... I would probably have to pay for a private MW as they just flat refuse here... But then they'd have to actually section you to get you to a hospital against your will...

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Postby trogette » Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:16 pm

steph do you know about the ukvbachbac yahoogroup?

paracetamol & sleeping tablet because I wasn't in established labour :roll: and then within an hour I had gas&air to get through transition and had it taken away for pushing :|

The other three, I class being at home as pain management *grin* plus I have a TENs...

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Postby Velvetsteph » Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:48 pm

I do now :lol:

I've not looked into it hugely but do plan to when we actually decide when we're having another - still undecided!! :)

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Postby madcatlady » Wed Jan 23, 2008 11:38 pm

Sarah - it is a huge sense of achievement isnt it :D

Steph - I was incredibly lucky with both the midwife and being at home. When my GP came out a couple of days later to check us both over she reliably informed me that had I been in hospital I would most likely have been given an emergency caesarian :shock:
It's easy for me to say that I thought it would have been excessive, with my incredible midwife and all! but sparing a few thoughts for the poor overworked hospital midwives who just don't have the same level of experience....
Well, lets just say that I don't blame them for panicking and calling in the Obstetrician at the first signs of trouble.

Definately try for a HB if you can next time around, I firmly believe that being in the safety and familiarity of your own home keeps stress at bay and with it any complications that stress can lead to :D

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Postby pinkydinkydoo » Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:30 pm

I had gas n air for the pushing stage for both of mine.

With ds i was in labour for 4 hours and just had a bit of gas and air at the start but it made me feel very sick (well i was sick :lol: ) so i went through the rest without it, i'm very glad i did because it meant that 15 mins after the birth i felt "back to normal".
With dd i was in labour for 2 hours it all happend very fast to me, it was also far more painful that it was with ds but again i managed with just gas and air (but lots of it this time!!!) because it was a fast labour my body went into shock and i did'nt get to hold dd until 15 mins after she was born but again i was able to feel almost normal afterwards with only the pain of spd lingering.
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Postby mummymel » Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:34 am

with Ellie i had an epidural mstly because i was young and had no idea what was going on :lol:
with Alice i had gas and air. and the labour was so much better.because i was able to be mobil, abd felt much more in control
both of my labours have been around the 24hr mark.

i'll be having as natural as possible again this time. and hopefully i'll finally get my homebirth (was planned with Alice but she arrived 3 1/2 weeks early)

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Postby jscobie » Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:27 pm

i had an epidural with josh and ended up with forceps (the keilands ones!! ouch!). though i the epidural wasn't to blame for that i wanted to avoid one with faith. used a tens machine with my 2nd labour and that was FAB as i had a back ache labour. used gas and air once in established labour. was really scared i wouldn't cope with the final stages so had diamorphine (like pethidine) towards the end. turned out to be less than an hour before she was born. don't think it had a huge effect and will not bother next time as i coped fine!!

though it did mean that the "being bashed all over with a baseball bat" feeling that you get after giving birth didn't kick in for at least a day - so that was nice!! ha ha!!

jackie x

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Re: What pain relief did you have in labour?

Postby raffertygrey » Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:50 am

I planned a home water birth with Phoebe...and when I say planned, I really mean planned!! Typical me, I had to have it all, homebirth, doula, Hypnobirth course, birth pool, I could go on...no wonder the midwife rolled her eyes everytime she saw me!

Only thing was, I didn't reckon on being in painful early labour for 4 non-stop days & totally sleepless nights and - some 24hrs before actually giving birth - getting to the stage where I was having full strength & back 2 back contractions and being convinced I was about to give birth, then being examined and only being 3cm! WTF was happening there then!!?

The Hypnobirthing was good, but we hadn't really practised like we should've done but it still worked and helped me keep really relaxed. Also had a tens machine, some paracetamol (yeah, they worked, not) oh and a wonderful doula who massaged my back non-stop and applied hot water bottle (definitely a back labour, ouch!). Bath was also good but midwives wouldn't let me get in the sodding birth pool cos I wasn't dilated enough(next time I'll just get in).

Towards the end of the fourth totally sleepless night and getting to the end of my tether, they gave me some Meptid to see if I could get some sleep. Bit like Pethedine, supposedly, but pretty crap, didn't seem to have much effect at all. Managed to sleep for about 10 mins!

By the morning light I really had had enough and was asking the midwife to cut me open with a kitchen knife to get baby out (always the melodramatic!)etc etc. Persuaded them to take me to hospital where they gave me some diamorphine. Fab, can't remember sleeping but got some proper pain relief and relaxed for a while.

Then used the bath and gas & air, plus Hypnobirthing CD for the next 12 hours till I finally gave birth!

Gas & air was ace, I thought it would make me sick but I was fine and just talked an absolute load of rubbish (I thought the gas & air pipe led to the end of MIL's garden where my dead cat was buried and kept going on about it) and went a bit psycho at one point - I thought there was a great big conspiracy going on and was pointing at the midwife shouting "She knows! She knows!" Hmmm.

The bath was great too. Will def have to have a water birth next time. And the Hypno must have worked too cos afterwards I couldn't believe that I did another 12 hours after I'd reached the end of my tether without asking for any additional pain releif.

Hospital wasn't as bad as I thought either. TBH they pretty much left us alone most of the day and me, DH and my doula just got on with it.

However, I think if I'd've been going to hossy in the first place, I'd've been on a drip to speed everything up. I also think that if I hadn't've done the Hypno I'd've been begging for an epidural but TBH it never crossed my mind!

The worst thing for me was the lack of sleep. Apparently the midwife had never seen someone snoring between every single push before!


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