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Re: Kitchen help - links now fixed!

Postby northernruth » Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:08 pm

Thanks ladies

@clothmama yes it can be dark in there so I think lighter is better

@sim the walls are meant to be jasmine white (as in, just a slight hint of cream) - they were that colour before and lovely, then when we had the kitchen repainted after a leak the decorators didn't specify Dulux Jasmine white and the Leyland version of that colour is a custardy yellow as you can see!!!

It's quite an expense to get the kitchen painted and not dear to have the walls done so I'd rather get the cupboard colour right and then if the walls need redoing, so be it. The hall is also custard yellow and gets some bashing what with guests scraping bags on the walls up and down the stairs so that will need repainting at the end of the season and we can get it all done together.

I think I just need to find my colour card to double check the colour and then I think I'm decided. All the help much appreciated!!! Will try to do photos once it's done


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