At the end of my tether!

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At the end of my tether!

Postby SrClaire » Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:00 pm

Please, please help me ...

I used disposables with my eldest and I had endless problems with eczema, we switched to cloth and "poof" the eczema disappeared - Result!

But my youngest doesn't seem to get on with cloth at all.

Is it possible that some children actually *need* to be in disposables?

I have many different styles of nappy.

We have stripped them over and over.

I have tried different methods of washing them and now wash them once on cold with a little detergent, then rinse twice and then wash again at 60 with no detergent - so they should be clean and not have a detergent build-up, especially since they have been stripped so many times.

I have tried both bio and non-bio

I make my nappies as absorbant as poss by completely over stuffing, or inserting extra boosters.

I used to use papaer liners, now I use fleece liners.

I have both fleece and terry wipes which I use with water and sometimes a drop of lavander or tea-tree oil

I have tried sudocream, bepanthem, petrolium jelly, talc, lanolin, aqueous cream, camomile tea soaked terry wipes left in the nappy (not all at the same time obviously).

I no longer use PUL wraps but use fleece or wool wraps and will admit that I use pocket nappies sometimes too.

The only time the rash goes away is when he is in disposables.

Last night (after weeks of disposables) he went to bed with a good thick barrier of lanolin on his bum, a totbots bamboozle with the insert plus a booster, a fleece liner, and a pair of wool shorties and he woke up this morning with his bum red raw and my husband put him straight back in disposables.

Some one mentioned silk liners but my husband will freak if I spend any more money on cloth nappies - he'll just say that it won't work and we should spend the money on disposables instead because they will work. I'm starting to feel like I should never have wasted my money on buying cloth nappies as it has been nothing but a nightmare for my youngest.... but if I had them for my eldest then it would have been worth it - I'm so tired and so confused!!

Is it possible to have a child that just can't use cloth nappies?

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Cloth Nappy Clanger

Re: At the end of my tether!

Postby Velvetsteph » Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:22 pm

Don't want to read and run but it sounds like you might have issues with the fleece liners... :?

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