My poor baby

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My poor baby

Postby KittyMay » Thu May 13, 2010 7:18 am

I am sooo cross with myself. I accidentally put Katie in a nappy yesterday which had been washed in bold 2in1 that is a :nono: for Katie as her skin really breaks out. How could I have not realised :cry: After I took the nappy off her she was very red, so I gave her plenty of nappy free time.

During the night she woke up screaming and it took alot to calm her down which is very unusual for Katie, DH an I were extremely concerned as is took us back to before we found out about Anna's tumour I was almost in tears thinking Katie was going down the same route.

Come this morning and I take Katies nappy off OMG she looks like she has been scolded and has blisters on her bottom too. My stomach dropped, I do however, now have a happy nappy free baby (albeit with very red sore bottom) who is getting up to all the mischief she normally does thank god, she is currently emptying all the dvd's and wii games from the storage box :giggle:

What is the best way to get her bottom clear, will it be nappy free time? and DEFINATELY NO Bold 2in1 again?

I use Northern Essence Better Butt(er) cream, the sesitive All natural diaper rash salve and the Diaper dust if need be. As her skin is very dry I don't want to use anything that would make it worse, so has anyone got any suggestions?

Thank you
Wendy x

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Re: My poor baby

Postby Velvetsteph » Thu May 13, 2010 8:10 am

Read the tips threads in the stickes and look at other nappy rash posts - the advice is usually the same ;)

When you do put nappies back on her soak a fleece liner in cold cammomile tea and lay that in the nappy next to her skin.
Change frequently...
If the nappies are hanging onto the bold then do a wash in a full dose of whatever you normally use and then lots of extra rinse cycles...

Angel baby bottom balm is our magic rash cream ;)
Shea butter is very good for dry skin too

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