Washable wipes causing nappy rash?

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Re: Washable wipes causing nappy rash?

Postby DottyBangles » Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:32 am

Hi there

My son suffered with terrible nappy rash, looked like he had burns all over his bottom. Having tried endless off the shelf and doctor recommended ointments and creams I finally found the one the worked... Purepotions Lavender Nappy Salve, it is totally natural and cleared his skin up in a matter of days, proper wonder stuff! Also, the same company makes a baby oil that is perfect for cleansing instead of wipes. Just put a bit on cotton wool, again totally natural and never seems to sting at all when I used it, even on his really sore skin. Definately worth a go, have told all my friends about it and they all say the same thing about it, that is really is brilliant!

Good luck and I hope you find relief soon.

Dotty B :wave:


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