Wow there's so much info to wade through!

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Wow there's so much info to wade through!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:52 pm
by tinyelk

I'm a little overwhelmed by all the info that's on here about cloth nappies - overwhelmed, but weirdly intrigued!

Short intro
- I'm Beth, 27, English export to Wales thanks to Welsh hubby, our little boy will be 8 on August 27th and our little girl is due August 23rd! I'd looking to gather info about cloth nappies so we can hopefully use them for baby Iris when she makes an appearance!

Probably more info than is necessary or wanted - We didn't try them with our son as a) no way we could afford the initial outlay at the time, b) we didn't have a washing machine at home until he was about 18 months old, and c) I had really severe SPD (I had an operation to fix the never-closing gap when he was 18 months old) and my hubby had enough to cope with looking after both me and a new baby without having to work out the pros and cons of a nappy system that was totally new to both of us.

So, nearly 8 years later, we're better off money/health/time-wise (and we have a washing machine, tumble dryer, radiators a plenty, and a washing line at our disposal!) and I want to make sure we've considered all our options fully! Where we live now, the council gives a 100 voucher to claim back on cloth nappies, which makes the initial outlay a little less terrifying! I'd like as much info as possible before I bring options to hubby (always nice to sound slightly knowledgeable!).

I did the Nappy Lady questionnaire a couple of nights ago and just got her (super thorough) response. Initially, from newborn, she recommended:

20 Bamboozle Stretch size 1 (5-18lbs) Aplix
5 Motherease Rikki Small 7- 12lbs
5 Motherease Rikki Mediums 10-20lbs
Pack of 6 Basic Boosters for night time

I'm not trying to second guess her or anything, I just wondered if anyone has opinions on the brands she's recommended as being good from newborn? I can't find much info about cloths from the word go, so to speak!

Not sure if it's relevant, but our son weighed 7lb2 born at 38+4, our little girl will be arriving via c-section (because of SPD op, I have 2 metal plates at the front of my pelvis and sooo many pins holding them on!) around 39 weeks most likely, so probably also in the 7 to 7.5lb range!

Thanks so much in advance and sorry for the epic post!

Re: Wow there's so much info to wade through!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 6:23 pm
by PixieFix
Welcome and congratulations! Iris is a lovely name :love:

I'm relatively new to all this but I can say my lo was born 7lb 13 and was a little small for the bamboozles in the beginning. But it does all depend on the shape of your wee one she could be fine, but it might be worth getting a few smaller ones to begin with. Or you could try terrys or muslins. Bamboozles are great though, they are my fav at the mo (ousting my little lambs). Rikki wraps are really good too, although I had an xs to start with. Size 1 little lamb wraps were my favourite in the beginning, I love how stretchy they are. I'm starting to have some problems with the velcro( :cry: ) now she is moving a lot more but I do still love them. The best thing to do would be to get a few different things to try because although bamboozles are great for some they might not be great for your particular baby. Its also great fun building up a stash :giggle: Also, fleece liners are fab :thumbsup:

Re: Wow there's so much info to wade through!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 6:30 pm
by _michelle_
First of all welcome to the cloth nappy tree and congrats on your pregnancy. I used two part nappies (a fitted nappy with a separate wrap) with my twins from a few weeks old to 6 months and still do at night. I used mainly little lambs nappies with motherease wraps and found them fab for containment of explosive bf poos and very reliable. I also had a few bamboozle stretch nappies which I preferred to the little lambs as they were a little less bulky however they were also pretty expensive compared to the little lambs.

I would definitely go with the nappy lady's reccomendations but good luck with which ever choice you make. My two are almost ready to potty train and if I have any more children I will definitely use cloth again.

Re: Wow there's so much info to wade through!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 6:53 pm
by Kim
Hi :wave:
I would buy a few different things to begin with and see what you like. You can pick a few different ones up preloved if you want from here. Or if preloved is not your thing buy new and then sell on what you don't like.

Re: Wow there's so much info to wade through!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:51 pm
by cuppachaplz
Hi @tinyelk
Rikki wraps are fab, but I'd agree with Kim to try a few different things to start and see what you get on with (bamboozles far too big around the legs for us still). I think there's a cloth nappy library in Swansea, if not there are a couple here in Cardiff.

Re: Wow there's so much info to wade through!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 7:47 pm
by Angelalogo
Agree with trying a few different ones. Although bamboozles and mother ease are both great (and completely different shapes - bamboozles slimmer fit).