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Re: Clueless First-Timer

Postby rachymoo » Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:14 pm

Hello :wave:

Don't be afraid to ask questions, honestly no one thinks it is a silly question and I bet every question you can think of has been asked before at some point :D

I've never bothered with a laundry service, to be honest it would probably be more hassle (in my opinion anyway). I just put each nappy in the nappy bucket (which I keep in the kitchen by the washing machine) and then every 2-3 days I chuck them in the washing machine. I don't have a tumble-dryer and this isn't a problem at all - I do take the nappies round my dad's house occasionally to put in his dryer for a bit but that's just to soften them up, it's not essential!

When I first 'started out' with cloth I looked at the starter packs at Kiddicare but IIRC, they were just Bambino Mio ones which I'm not keen on at all (I think a lot of people have had problems with them - but then equally I'm sure lots of people get on OK with them so who knows). I think one of the best bits of advice I was given was don't buy a 'kit' (i.e. LOADS of the same nappy) - it's best to try lots of different ones and see what works first. The classifieds on here are fab for that (and they are also VERY addictive :oops: ).

Don't worry too much about your partner, I'm sure he'll come round to the idea once he realises how much money you'll save buying disposables all the time! That's what I said to my DP anyway - although I don't think he quite realises JUST how much I spend on fluff either :hohoho: my DP wasn't keen at all at first but now he doesn't mind them too much - he doesn't do any of the nappy washes but like I say that's no trouble at all, in fact I prefer doing it myself tbh as he'd just mix all the inserts up or something :giggle:

Have fun!

Rach xx

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Re: Clueless First-Timer

Postby doobykat » Sat Feb 12, 2011 1:11 pm

Hi there :wave:
A lot of good advice here from the other ladies :D
Just wanted to say that all you really need for cloth nappies is a reliable washing machine. We've got a tumble drier too, but I can honestly say that we've only used it once for drying nappies.
You also don't need a huge amount of space to dry them either. We've got a clothes horse/airer very similar to this:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/5m-Wooden-Folding ... 33ffa90e21

which will fit 16 fitted nappies plus 2 boosters/inserts per nappy comfortably, and it takes up very little space.
Over the winter we've used this a lot, and when placed by a radiator, the nappies dry pretty quickly.
We've also got a couple of the airers designed to hang over a radiator, which are also really handy and again take up little space.
I'd also second trying out a selection of different nappies before you buy a whole set. We tried out ~8 different nappies, of which only 2 really fitted Erin well. So had we bought a set of any of the other 6, our experience/success with cloth nappies might have been a lot different :|

Dooby x

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Re: Clueless First-Timer

Postby emmalala » Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:31 am

Hi and welcome to the tree! :cnthug:


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