What's in your usual rotation?

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What's in your usual rotation?

Postby BingBongBoo » Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:22 pm

So @docmaggoo post about her extensive (!) stash got me thinking....how many nappies are in your usual rotation and what are they?

I've recently had a bit destash and got rid of some things that were no longer working. We were having real issues with anything aplix as DD2 can now undo them and I was getting sick of her flinging her nappies on the floor! :giggle: :giggle: We had to keep a few aplix nappies though as DH claims not to be able to do poppers :roll: My current rotation consists of:

12 Bubblebubs Candies
7 BG V3s (currently being converted to snaps by the lovely @justme123 )
5 BG Freetimes
3 Fuzzi Bunz OS
3 Large Bambooty
3 Ebay Cheapies
2 V3 Easyfits
1 Rumparooz
1 Blueberry OS
1 Lollipop Pop 'N' Grow OS
6 cotton prefolds (including some Flip organic cotton ones)
3 Thirsties hemp prefolds
3 Flip wraps
3 Weehuggers wraps

We use sposies at night so no NN stash unfortunately...

I *think* that's it! I'm really happy with my stash ATM. Everything works well for us and I have a nice mix of pretty and functional. How does everyone else's compare?

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Re: What's in your usual rotation?

Postby Louise » Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:43 pm

No way am I going to count all the fitteds :oops: but I have just started collecting pockets so can list all of those :lol:

At least a few each of - Green Panda, Little Gumnut, Wee Notions, Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum, Dunk n Fluff, Fluff and Stuff, Holdens Landing, Owe Whoa When, Pianissimo Cloth

7 Wee Notions
2 Yummy Bummies
2 Bumble Bees
1 Little Stitches
2 Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum

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Re: What's in your usual rotation?

Postby Jellybelly6 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:58 pm

My list is quite short and pretty boring but hey it works!

6 Bumgenius pockets
6 size 2 pop n gro pockets
6 size 1 pop n gro pockets- I really should stop squeezing poor DS2 into these as they fit like ittis now :hohoho:
3 Thirsties size 2 pockets
2 Itti bitti d'lish SIO plus two extra sets of inserts
2 Thirsties wraps
1 Flip wrap
20 ancient but working well cotton bottom prefolds
3 Thirsties hemp prefolds :love:
2 little gumnut nappies
2 Lollipop bamboo fitteds
1 random terry cotton nippa fitted
1 fleece wrap

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Re: What's in your usual rotation?

Postby justme123 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:13 am

So these are nappies I actually use regularly right?

Fitteds - 6 x green panda; 1 bamboozle stretch (tye dyed!); 12 x rainbow MEOS; 2 x baby Beehinds (but struggling to fit her into those)

Wraps - mostly woolies (lots hahaha!) One thirsties duo which is now too small and a tots size 3.

Pockets - about 6 BG v4 poppers, plus a couple of v3s I've converted; 3 large itti SIO; a couple of cheapies; 3 v2 EFs I keep in the change bag.

Oh and a set of flips and muslins I use for when we go away.

@stormflowers I'm really sorry your BG have taken so long - school holidays make it so hard to do anything! They've all got snaps on and I'm just finishing up the elastic - they should be ready to post this/next week :-)

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Re: What's in your usual rotation?

Postby paw foot » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:02 am

In the middle of rebuilding stash as I prefer stay dry nappies where poss and need to be cm friendly

9 med bambooty
4 flip stay dry inserts (1 wrap) also use with wn wraps
2 med green panda
4 oww prefolds
7 green kids pockets and inserts (use for night time)
1 tatty bg

1 small wn wrap
2 med wn wraps
1 thirstie size 1 wrap

2 candies and 2 spare inserts on the way

I have others in storage which are either too big or not a good fit on him.

I'm desperate for more and looking at the moment. It doesn't help that at 16 pounds he is at the top range for most smalls /size 1 but next size up will be bulky on him. Hopefully I will love the candies and I can stock up on them.

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Re: What's in your usual rotation?

Postby Bernadette » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:22 am

The nappies that I currently use

9 Bumbles (nippa'd) stuffed with prefolds for night time
20 Close Parent pop-in's. Our nursery is happy with these as tried other from my stash and they struggled! So 5 always stay in his box there.
3 Ecobubs (m)
1 Fuzzi (m)
2 Fuzzi's (L) still a little big but getting there!
11 Mummy made fitted's
Motherease and Nature babies wraps
Mummy made fleece soakers for night time.

After reading @docmaggoo post I decided to do a nappy count aswell when the washing machine was out of order and all the nappies where clean & neatly on the shelf. Quite a surprise and hubby astonished but ended up with 68 nappies not counting prefolds and covers!

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Re: What's in your usual rotation?

Postby lazylexis » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:35 am

fitted - 5 bububebe, 5 med DnF,3 med WNNL, a tweedlebum and tweedlebee med, 3 green panda M/L, HL medium. Pockets -ecobubs med,7 greenkids.Our BG v3 we get leg gape with but I have 12!
Night- Littlegumnut all hours med,M/L bedbug plus, med baby beehinds-love this and they used to be £15 but can only find them for £30 now :(- flutterby by fluff med- by far our most reliable nn! I have a wildchild too which I like but Dh struggles to get on!
wraps- thirsties med and large
rikkis med and large
nature babies med and large
I have a large pair of wool shorties and med and large wool soakers for nights too but med are a bit snug.His hips in a nn are 23" and rise 18!

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Re: What's in your usual rotation?

Postby Miss_Purple » Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:06 pm

Very boring here this time round:

About 10 large DnF
About 8 medium DnF (on the way out)
About 20 Tots Bots easyfits stuffed with EP hemp inserts

Night times 3 LGN, 5 HL BB+

DS is just going into some larges so this will be changing slightly.

My sling stash on the other hand :oops:

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Re: What's in your usual rotation?

Postby katherineeah1 » Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:08 pm

I'm in the middle of sorting everything out so here's just what I'm pretty sure I'm keeping:

2 little lambs bamboos
12 kushies AIO :oops: but OH loves them!
20 (or so...) terries and muslins
3 pockets (2 from @ImisMummy, 1 from tiny nippers)
10 VERY old pre-pre-preloved bumbles
about 20 odd boosters
1 hollow oak large night nappy
4 bambino mio large wraps (although I might shift them soon)
2 cotton bottoms wraps
3 motherease wraps
1 naturebabies wrap
1 modern baby wrap
1 wrap that @ImisMummy made and I treecycled :giggle:
1 totsbots fleece wrap
a couple of terry knickers I use as swim nappies

Think that's it... I can't be bothered to count that. :lol:

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