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Re: Nappy Bag?

Postby clothmama » Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:22 pm

Thanks for all the ideas and input so far! Sounds like there are a lot of you that aren't using 'proper' nappy bags so I may have a good look at other options! Maybe a nice tote bag for on the pram and a backpack for babywearing :bw: - I can probably get one of each for the same price as a 'nappy bag'!

confusinglady wrote:I think its a good idea to think about how long you re likely to be out for and if you re more likely to be driving or walking, buggy or carrier/ wrap etc. obviously there will be a bit of everything.

I, like you, on the 3rd child ( albeit different ages), spent a lot of time nipping back and forth in a car; school, swimming lessons, dance lessons, supermarket etc
I have hardly walked anywhere ( dd2 was at nursery though every morning, so my day was chopped into bits!).

Really good points! There probably will be quite a lot of in and out of the car and while I do hope to walk it will be probably going on the school run with Louis or for a walk walk as opposed to being out all day.

confusinglady wrote:I kept one nappy in the change bag and a couple in a separate bag in the car so that I could refill bag if needed ;)

I always kept spare nappies in the car, I hated being invited to stay longer / do something fun and having to say no because I had no nappies - always had my boobs attached :bf: so it meant I was flexible!

Kim wrote:I bought an Osprey Flapjack Courier bag

That is cute Kim!

g murphy wrote:I had this and loved it. it was just the right size for me. x

That is pretty cute too! The only thing with that style is how did it go hanging on your buggy?

confusinglady wrote:I ve got a portable change mat that has a few pockets so wipes, hand santiser, spare nippa went in there. Then I can move things from bag to bag and hubby can put in his more manly messenger type bag.
See I'm thinking this really may be a great way to go - I can make a really nice change mat with pockets, I've seen lots of tutorials on line and do exactly as you say - move where I want it or just throw it in the beach bag or whatever I need!

Dancing mum wrote:I've just bought a back pack (still wearing baby on my front)

Yep see I want to do lots of :bw: too so I think a back pack is going to be a must for us!

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Re: Nappy Bag?

Postby Sunset » Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:40 pm

I had a fancy change back and rarely used it. I alternated between a tote and a normal rucksack depending on what we were doing.


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