What's in your stash?

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Re: What's in your stash?

Postby _michelle_ » Sat Feb 27, 2016 9:52 pm

We currently have one in cloth nappies full time and the twins are in cloth nappies at night.

Currently using
Size 1
22 little lamb bamboo nappies
10 tots bots flexi tot
8 tots bots bamboozle stretch (my favourite fitted nappies)
2 small motherease Sandys
2 xs motherease rikki wraps
6 s motherease rikki wraps
2 s motherease airflow wraps (my favourite for fit and reliability for under 12 months)
2 tots bots size 0 wraps
1 size 1 little lamb wrap
34 fleece liners

Size 3
4 size 3 tots bots bamboozle stretch (getting pretty small now)
1 holdens landing bedbug
1 large Ella's house nappy
4 little lamb size 3 bamboo ( currently best fit on my 2+ stone toddlers)
3 size 3 little lamb wraps (best fit on my toddlers currently)
7 large motherease airflow nappies (getting a bit small now)
Disposable liners

40 cotton cheeky wipes
1 microfibre cheeky wipe
Monkey foot wet bag
Little lamb wet bag
Monkey foot wipes bag
20 size one little lamb boosters
10 size 2 little lamb boosters double thickness
10 size 2 little lamb triple thickness boosters
8 large junior joy cotton boosters
Many random boosters mainly unbranded

Not currently using as the twins are dry in the day and I only like fitted nappies pre weaning for containment purposes so from memory

5 blueberry one size
4 tots bots v4 poppers
9 tots bots v4 Velcro
4 bumgenius elemental new style
5 bumgenius elemental old style
1 groves aio
2 close parent pop in
8 bumgenius v4
4 bumgenius free time
3 Charlie banana one size
1 panda pants pocket nappy
2 tots bots v2
1 rumparooz one size
2 holdens landing bed bugs
8 little lamb size 2 bamboo
6 size 2 tots bots bamboozle stretch
6 motherease airflow medium
4 motherease rikki medium
4 little lamb size 2 wraps
2 rumparooz wraps

Seems a bit excessive written down :giggle:

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Sucker for Cloth Nappies
Sucker for Cloth Nappies

Re: What's in your stash?

Postby Aeseldyr » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:32 am

Ditte still using nightnappies but the rest is put away for a hopefully number 3 in the future :fingerscrossed:

Currently using:
5 homemade pockets filled with hemp-cotton prefold and microfiber
2 Disana wool covers

Not using (from memory)
8 homemade fitteds with snaps size small/1
2 fitteds for snappy size small/1

1 homemade x-small pocket
2 homemade newborn/small pockets
2 homemade small pockets
4 homemade size 1 pockets
1 FuzziBunz x-small
3 Rumparooz OS
2 BG vers 3 needs fixing
1 FuzziBunz OS Elite

1 curly purly wool soaker (shorts)
1 Disana soaker (shorts) size small
6 MIL made newborn wool soakers (shorts)

And tons of inserts microfleece, hemp and bamboo

And then I think there are some other nappies - think there is a babykicks, a LL pocket and maybe some other


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