I am waiting on....

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Re: I am waiting on.

Postby vampiredreams » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:06 am

My new updated list as of 02/02/11


Petal skirtie with soaker- SHOOGAHBUMS
Petal skirtie with crops- SHOOGAHBUMS
Skirtie/longies for Aoife's doll - WYTCH (trade)
January LLS slot - DROOPY DRAWERS deposit paid/awaiting payment
February 'Toddzilla' slot - TEMPESTUOUS POPPET awaiting payment
25th February "Sunrise" Large heavy wetter day with matching large longies - PIXIE KNITS awaiting payment

1 x Victorian 'Millie The Maid' costume! :waiting: :humbug: :x
AVON order
2 x Puddlekins CSP - SUNSET

:mail: RECEIVED THIS WEEK :mail:
Girly Scrappies - KNITTERARTY

More wool interlock
WAHM t-shirts for summer
WAHM trainer pants
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Re: I am waiting on.

Postby HighlandMum » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:16 am

Waiting for....

3 newborn and 3 small fitteds from Tweedledee and tweedledum (posted 29th Jan))
Large LLS Super wetter Night Nappy for Sandy (feb slot, paid - cut dyed)
Holdens landing coop - 2 M/L fitteds and 1 embroidered wool wrap (paid 30th Jan)

Knitted woolies and wahm clothes
A lovely gift from Annika :pregnant: on the way?
5 rompers and 1 tee and bottoms set from Tweedlebee and tweedlebum (posted 29th Jan)
Surprise set from Emi and Isis (posted 26th Jan)
Pixieknits surprise LLS club for January (deposit paid, yarn due with Ali soon)
Tweedlebee and Tweedlebum order - 2 tshirts for Sandy, 2 emmy dresses and tshirt for bump (paid 21st Jan, fabric choices in)

Yarn and other random bits
Holdens landing snugglescape (paid, being worked on, due early feb)
Sewing patterns from fishsticks

In the pipeline
LLS monthly yarn club (feb, march and april)
LLS monthly mini fabric club (feb, march and april)
Pixieknits surprise LLS club - April (deposit paid)
2 LLS slots - pinafore dress and reversable soaker - details updated (paid 1x custom deposit and 2x item deposit)
OWW order (deposit to be paid by 1st feb)

Recently recieved
Lanolin from bits n bots
Snap pliers from dummymummy
Fabric clubs from lls (mini club and cuts club for Jan)
LLS Jan yarn club - upgrade to maxi handspun
ABK Breastfeeding tester top

Next on the list :D
Amber necklace for bump

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Re: I am waiting on.

Postby fivefourfour » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:19 am

I'm waiting on:
Sock sets; sari and dawn (TKG) - shipped
Club yarn (LLS)
2 x BB+ nappies (co-op)
3x wool interlock wraps (co-op)
5x sets Tessa Ann buttons :mrgreen:


To pay for:
2 x LLS t-shirts
1 x LLS hoodie
2 x LLS wool interlock soakers

To order:
Dresses and t-shirts for Moo for spring
Socks for me
Pixie Knits wristarmers, neck warmer and extra yarn
Pjs and nappies from Tweedlebees co-op

Recently received: :mail:
1 x ABk t-shirt
1 x ABK dress
1 x ABK pjs set
Little Pants socks for me
Club yarn (TKG)

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Re: I am waiting on.

Postby charlibunny » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:22 am

Louise wrote:
charlibunny wrote:Nothing :panic:

I think you may have forgotten something :wink: They are being shipped directly to you tomorrow. :D


I am waiting on

3 small OWW fitteds :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

Also now waiting on a small WNSS from a swap with happytails
8 size 1 LL's from a swap with weefywoo
4 size 2 LL's to try on missus piddle pants :evil:

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Re: I am waiting on.

Postby paintedclaws » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:24 am

Is this any better.. :wink: :hohoho:

I'm waiting on
Pixieknits shrug and top
Pixieknits yarn
Pixieknits tank top
tempestuous poppet zebra longies
Tempestuous poppet longies
Neels longies
Neels sweater
Felt Fusion sweater
Approved By Kaleigh sets
Puddlekins nappy

Pixie knits
300g alpaca/merino DK custom colours
300g faulkland DK custom colours
200g Jazz
200g blueberry
5 x Debbie Bliss Cotton DK 50 Purple
3 x Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino 033 Lavender
3 x Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino 006 Bubblegum Pink
5 x Debbie Bliss Cotton DK 55 Moss Green

Custom slots..
2* Neels, Dashing Dachs and Cashmere/merino
Snugglebots/LLS Handspun
Pixieknits March club

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Re: I am waiting on.

Postby Louise » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:29 am

paintedclaws wrote:Is this any better.. :wink: :hohoho:

:giggle: That's more like what we're used to seeing from you :lol:

Waiting for
2 L Puddlekins
1 S Puddlekins
3 Tweedlebum and Tweedlebee jamie jumpers
2 T&T lap tees 0-3m
2 T&T shorts sets for Ryan
2 T&T Emmy dresses for Amy
Itti Bitti wetbag and Mama Pack from TNG
Newborn romper from ZooTZBaby
ToKnitToWhoo scrappy soaker
3 XS Owe Woah When
3 S Owe Woah When
3 S Dunk n Fluffs
3 sets of Tessa Ann buttons
2 NB Puddlekins
1 S Puddlekins
Tempestuous Poppet longies
Snugglebots handspun petal princess skirtie for Katie
1 Tweedlebum and Tweedlebee layette set
2 Tweedlebum and Tweedlebee Jamie Jumpers
2 Tweedlebum and Tweedlebee Sleepgowns
Pixie Knits small shorties
Pixie Knits small soaker
Pixie Knits newborn soaker
Pixie Knits romper
HO sleepgown, nappy and t-shirt set
4 NB Hollow Oaks
1m of dyed BV to make into some teeny clothes
2 NB PC fitteds
3 S PC fitteds
Holdens Landing Seasonal Surprises slot
Pixie Knits dungarees
S HL Playscape
2 NB HL fitteds
HL blanket
HL wool wrap
S Dunk n Fluff dress with matching embroidered capris
S Dunk n Fluff peasant dress and pull on interlock pants
6 XS Dunk n Fluff nappies
2 HL t-shirts to go with the collab I have bought
XL Dunk n Fluff for Ryan
XS Dunk n Fluff for bump
2 dresses from Dunk n Fluff for Katie
2 pairs pants from Dunk n Fluff for Katie

Arrived recently
Jamie Jumper (gift from Frances :D )
Neels teeny romper and hat
Droopy Drawers newborn skirtie
Droopy Drawers newborn longies
Teeny Scrunchkins hoodie for bump
1 L Puddlekins
7 XS Very Baby fitteds from the OWW co-op
Newborn and 0-3m VHC girly clothes
Weehugger laundry bag
small inserts for pockets
More fabric for teeny dresses :D
1m of Carnival Bloom fabric for a teeny dress
3-6m VHC girls clothes
Small soaker from the Nappy Garden
Small/medium soaker from the Nappy Garden
PP pads and thong liners from Luxury Moon
Newborn sleepsuits from Next
2 S WNSS for bump
NB Muttaqin fitted
NB Puddlekins
S Puddlekins

Next on the list
lots of girly fitteds, wool and WAHM clothing for bump
more PP CSP
Neels February slot
some more S WNSSs
Pixie Knits/LLS club slots (cancelled, just Pixie Knits slots now instead :D)
2 Droopy Drawers Jan/Feb slots
3 more HL Seasonal Surprises slots
Asquared Summer clothing for all 4 children
ABK Summer clothing for all 4 children
Princess petal skirtie for bump

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Cloth Nappy Wise Woman

Re: I am waiting on.

Postby tanya » Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:48 pm

Waiting On
5 x Easy Peasy hemp inserts
Rosie Boo day fitted and night fitted
DnF Co-op order - OBV fitted & Playdress for Bella
2 x Tweedlebum & Tweedlebee fitteds
1 x medium DnF AI2 - BC
Possibly a Wild Child Dreami Night Nappy :lookround:
Designer Bums Modern Cloth Nappies - Nappy I won in FB competition :widesmile:

Tempestuous Poppet Todd-zilla - slot in January
2 x medium DnF & 1 x Bububebe - rosiesnappies
2 x large DnF & 1 large F&S - jasmine b
Halobaby Longies - Emmalala

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Sucker for Cloth Nappies

Re: I am waiting on.

Postby Natalie » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:46 pm

On Order:

6 x Tweedlebee Jammies (2 for Amber 4 for Autumn)
6 X Dunk Fluff Fitteds
1 X Dunk Fluff Dress
Owewhowhen fitteds
3 x Tweedlebee Fitteds
Custom dyed yarn from Jimmy Riddles
Yummy Emer longies
Scrappies from Soaring Sheep
Pixie Knits Scrappy Crops/Custom Dyed crops
Crops preloved
3 custom Weenotions
1 BV Dress Jimmy Riddles
1 BV Hoodie Jimmy Riddles
Tessa Buttons
2 x Rosie Boo's OBV fitteds

In the Pipe Line

ASquared Clothes
Romper knitted by Emer
More Longies by Emer :wink:

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Re: I am waiting on.

Postby tracedw » Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:52 am

My very meagre list :giggle:
Waiting on
Toddler bedbug plus with fish emb from Twinkletot
2 toddler Bedbug plus from HL co-op . 1 traditional rainbow
1 surprise dreamscape with serpentine dragon
5 shorts and 3 t-shirts from Boden
6 PJ's sets from The White Company
NO WOOL :( im on a self imposed buying strike (had about 3kg already this year :oops: )


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