I am waiting on....

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby sammijayne » Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:37 pm

:hohoho: i have a spread sheet with every detail of the purchases! i dont know where i would be without it!

altho i dont have one for the current stash, it has to be said :roll:
who would of thought a thread just saying what youv bought would have this many replys! its crazy :widesmile:

i think we are all pritty hooked :hohoho:

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby happytails » Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:58 pm

Updating list as of 22/10/09

Waiting on....
1 crocheted pair of longies from bibs and bots
2 DnF nappies from the Co-op (on way from USA)
skirty-leggings from Lisa Knitting service
Lollipop pop n gro set from review comp :wine:
Pixie legs from Ali :wine:
Wetbag set from Jabula nappies (in talks with)
New style WNNN - surprise Gelato fabric (chose MINK but DP doesnt like it :roll: so i asked the ladies at WN to pick a Gelato! - so i guess its a surprise nappy!)
Goodmama from USA - 30% off i couldnt help myself :oops:
Ooga dress/top from ABK :wine:


WNOS aurora minkee with fairy embroidery - preloved from greenferret
Hand knit soaker from Eviesmummy :wine:
1 OBV HL fitted to test with the new elastic
1 amber teething necklace from simply isis
1 UD fitted
Shot glass - for DP :giggle: :roll:
1 Puddlekins happy days OS
Northern essence nappy salve
Mintastic bibsnbots lanolin
1 pair of little hippie knits longies - Absolutely stunning!!!
Our long awaited FF fitted - first one got lost in the post :(
FF WNNN pink and blue OBV
Disco Daisy GM
Purple Ooga stripes Bugga Bugga Boutique (Tester)
One size Neppula pocket (Tester)

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby tanya » Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:18 pm

I am currently waiting on:
Monkey foot wet bag in Jungle Jam.

Received recently:
3 Guerillafluff fitteds
A pair of Pixie Knits crops in Rustic
Mnkee Liners
Tester crops from Luscious Little Somethings
3 Dunk n Fluff fitteds
A hand painted t-shirt from Jelly Nose Chic

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby charliesam » Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:37 pm

i got a bit of a bonus at work and have had a bit of a splurge :oops: :oops:

and today i receved shoring sheep longies and 3 pairs of work trousers and 4 tops from laura ashley sale

waiting for...

3 ABK Tops
2 dunk n fluff
2 flongies/t shirt sets
2 WN NN ooga and jungle print
my secret santa for my recpient :wink:
2 pixie knit longies

some pjs for bigger boys and fleece sleep suit from verbautet

and a PUPPY!!!!!!! (WE GET HIM TOMORROW :wine: :wine: )


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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby mamaellie » Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:06 pm

OK, a puppy takes the cake! :giggle: What sort is he?

I'm waiting for:
1 etsy nappy
1 gm
pink longies
blue shorties
a dunk n fluff and a dunk n fluff wrap (hurrah-- now in the UK!)
a berry plush
2 green sprouts

Hoping to order the monster longies from etsy this week, too.

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby paintedclaws » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:39 pm

Heres my updated list...

Soaring Sheep longies in BLL Leo - On the way
Pixieknits longies (Noah with my BLL Reflections yarn)
Red cupcake hat
Rainbow Waters set (Noah) :waiting:
Rainbow Waters longies (Noah) :waiting:
Linnea Designs Hoodie (Noah)
Linnea Designs dress (Poppy)
3 Fluff and Stuff (1 for Noah, 2 for Poppy) On the way!
Woollybottoms footies, in blue with rainbow shine feet.
BBB hoody for Harmony
BBB hoody for Poppy - Its soooo cute!
5 Picklepaints tops
TS OBV Hoodie for Poppy

List for..
5 Holden's Landing fitteds (need to decide on colours)
2 Soakers from The Nappy Garden
Pixieknits dress and 2 pairs of longies (Poppy)
Pixieknits skirty and longies (with my yarn for Poppy)
Tempestuous Poppet for a soaker and longies (Poppy and Noah)
Neels for longies (Noah)

Large Northern Essence order.

Recently received.
Woollywumpkins Rhigos longies
Woollywumpkins Poppy Choc skirty and hat
Woollywumpkins red and pink crochet longies
Holden's Landing My Deerest Set
4 Holden's Landing OBV fitteds for Poppy -
Clear Hills Honey lipbalms.
GHMILY Goodmama
2 DunkNFluffs
Doll for Poppy from Dawanda - its gorgeous!
Felted balls for Noah from felt fusion
Bobbydazzlers dipdye unicorn longies
Bobbydazzlers pastel chic scrappy longies

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby 2climbingboys » Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:21 am

Currently waiting for:

hats, scarves, mitts sets from little hippie knits (in LLS yarn) - being posted soon
2 flutterby fluffs - on their way
2 preloved fussy butt fitteds
6 pairs of flongies from tweedlebee & tweedlebum
ETA - 2 DnF

a GHMILY board book for Blake's gift on Toby's birthday from Waterstones (they will be given their Approved By Kayleigh GHMILY t-shirts then too - I can't wait to try them on so that I can have a look at the it and order more ABK tops)
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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby sarahlou » Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:50 am

My list is pretty pathetic at the moment :cry:
Currently waiting for

Wool reserved at TNG
2 custom wool shorts and matching tees outfits and 2 custom raglan tees from Rainbow waters
Longies from The nappy garden

Recently received
Pair of longies from Soaring sheep
Coast of maine longies
BBm Longies Flowerpot tots
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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby Louise » Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:04 am

Updating my list again

Arrived recently
1 FF day fitted
Titches Stitches hoodie
Tester trousers from ABK
Pumpkin Flowers Puddleyogs

Waiting for
3 Dunk n Fluff from the co-op
2 more Dunk n Fluff
1 Dreamscape
4 HL fitteds
Birthday surprise WNSS :D
Pixie Knits cardigan and hat in Pink Licorice
Asquared hoody for Ryan (on the way :yahoo:)
Asquared trousers for Ryan (on the way :yahoo:)
Asquared hoody for Amy (on the way :yahoo:)
Asquared trousers for Amy (on the way :yahoo:)
Asquared hoody for Katie (on the way :yahoo:)
3 Asquared tops for Nathan (on the way :yahoo:)
Wool interlock skirtie :waiting:
Wool interlock trousers :waiting:
Linnea Designs hoodie dress for Katie :waiting:
Linnea Designs hoodie dress for Amy :waiting:
Linnea Designs hoodie for Ryan :waiting:
Linnea Designs hoodie for me :waiting:
BV longies from LLS to match above hoodie
Tester soaker from Lisa
Tester Skirtie from LLS
Pixie Knits longies
Neels longies
Titches Stitches BV hoodie
Violet Flower Garden Puddleyogs


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