I am waiting on....

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby charliesam » Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:07 am

revised list


HO scrappie knitted hoodie
LLS interlock longies
2 dunk n fluff
2 sets of flongies which i am starting to worry about
2 wn nn
1ooga hoodie
1 cashmere recycled longies


another pair of footie pj's
ps3 for xmas :roll:


laptop for xmas :roll:

received today sams elc kitchen for xmas :wine:

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby Bobble Boy's Mum » Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:51 am

My updated list as of 07/11/09 (my OH is going to hav a heart attack when his credit card bill comes in next month!)


All bamboo WNNN in blue Ooga cotton jersey
Here Kitty Bububebe
Dalmation Minke COBV Bububebe
Retro Owls COBV Bububebe
Asian Monkeys COBV Bububebe
Apples and Pears COBV Bububebe
HO Tahiti Cocktail night nappy
UD day fitted nappy
4 pairs of OBV/O merino wool breast pads
LLS interlock longies in Midway Blues
LLS interlock longies in Forest Flowers
HO night nappy with Pets outer
NKFN knitted longies in LLS Forest Flowers Yarn
NKFN knitted longies in LLS Luscious yarn
6 WN minkee fairy hammocks
6 WN pant liners (2 OBV, 1 FF OBV and 3 Ooga)
WN cup bag in pink/lime/black paisley minkee
WN large sealed seams fairy cosy in pink/lime/black paisley minkee


HO size 1 night napy from FluffyCabbage

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby fluffycabbage » Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:47 pm

Waiting On:
the soaring sheep - custom longies (started)
Pixie Knits - custom rainbow/violet yarn (waiting for November slot)
Pixie Knits - custom longies in custom yarn - ditto
lisa - custom longies in LLK organic merino Pink Blues tricolour
HL - Northern Lights OBV M/L Bedbug, custom Bedbug M/L (shipped)
NKFN - custom longies (KK purple rain)
honeylover122 (etsy) - custom purple ooga l/s top & flongies
Jabula - UDNN soy
Droopy Drawers - longies in my yarn
HL dreamscape
weefywoo - GM sakura blush
yarnsmith.co.uk - addi turbo circulars 40cm 4.5
lana pura - addi turbo circulars 30cm 3.75

Recently received:
threehappytrees (etsy) - custom longies/leggings
sammijayne - custom rainbow flongies
WildChildForBabies(Etsy) - custom flongies Purple Ooga
ABK - 2 x custom ooga tops
Weenotions - WNNN ooga purple M
Dragonflair - custom soaker
Scrunchkins - custom socks
justaddbaby (etsy) - purple ooga soft shoes, pink/lime ooga soft shoes
Nappy Makers - LoveWee Night
Louise - HO size 2
Rachel - clothes for charlie
Nitnac - orange camo hoody, custom cow print flongies & pinafore
TNG - 200g Custom dyed BFL Aran - Pink Berries
puddlekins - ooga puddleyogs
Snugglebots - custom flongies
BrookeVanGoryDesigns (etsy) - custom zebra flongies
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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby *tinkerbellarella* » Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:39 pm

cannot be arsed to find my last list, sorry!

now waiting on

8 custom nappies from the usa
1 cashmere longies with monster face on the bum
1 wnnl flutterby fluff from the wonderful weefywoo
2 goodmama's
hollow oak size 2 tequila slammer
hollow oak size 1 purple haze
1 tester wool wrap from seller on etsy
tester wool soaker from lisa
2 skeins of wool (total bargain, but coming from outer mongolia wtf?)

arrived this week

wnnn in blue paisley minki
wnnn in dotty minki (just lush)
2 pairs of longies from snugglepants
one small ff and 2 lhc from velvetsteph
tester soaker from snugglebots
lanolin products
tester lanolin
tester longies
nasty knits from simon's aunty
noro wool now ,made into crops
100% lambswool skein almost made into longies now

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby twinkletot » Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:48 pm

I am now waiting on
2 x flongies
1 x soaker
1 x wnss

Have recieved last week
monkeyfoot bag
Tester soaker from snugglebots
c4c vst from ruby.

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby vampiredreams » Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:14 pm

My new updated list as of 09/11/09

2 Fluff N Stuff - CNT CO-OP
Loads of fabric - EBAY!!!
4 PD inserts - LARDYLEGS
2 PD inserts - WEEFYWOO
Large JR - ROX
DnF dress + bloomers - SOLAS
Animal longies - SOLAS
Pirate longies - SOLAS
LLS spring green longies - 0_LISA_0
custom juliette skirtie in LLS chilled - DROOPYDRAWERS
Custom scrappies longies - THE SOARING SHEEP (due end of Nov)
Shoo Shoos - TRISHY (due mid Nov)
6 japanese cotton nappies - HAPPYTAILS

2 WAHM nappies - SOLAS
2 small DnF - BRYC1
2 Goodmamas "SWALK" & "The Verb" - BIBS N BOTS
4 AIO + 2 ffp - MUMTO4AS
VHC inspired top - PICKLEPAINTS
M/L bedbug "Bee" - JABULA
NE "Pixie Dust" Wool Wash - JABULA

wahm clothing for Aoife & Niamh
Toddler sized night nappies (poss bedbugs)

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby Louise » Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:51 pm

Updating my list again

Arrived recently
1 FF day fitted
Titches Stitches hoodie
Tester trousers from ABK
Pumpkin Flowers Puddleyogs
LLS BV longies
Birthday surprise WNSS and t-shirt set
3 Dunk n Fluff from the co-op
2 LWI BV Dunk n Fluff
2 HL fitteds
Rainbow BV hoodie for Ryan
Asquared hoodie for Ryan
Asquared cords for Ryan
Asquared hoodie for Amy
Asquared trousers for Amy
Asquared hoodie for Katie
3 Asquared tops for Nathan
Pixie Knits cardigan and hat in pink licorice
Violet flowers Puddleyogs

Waiting for
1 Dreamscape
2 HL fitteds on the way :yahoo:)
Linnea Designs hoodie dress for Katie :waiting: (ordered in August :shock: )
Linnea Designs hoodie dress for Amy :waiting:
Linnea Designs hoodie for Ryan :waiting:
Linnea Designs hoodie for me :waiting:
Tester soaker from Lisa
Tester Skirtie from LLS
Pixie Knits longies with fairy embellishment
Neels longies in DD Wild Cherry (being :knit: now :widesmile)
Calypso skirtie and leggings
Droopy Drawers skirtie longies
Pixie Knits longies
Christmas fairy door from Jan @ Simply Isis

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby happytails » Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:29 pm

[quote="happytails"]Update 10/11/09
Waiting on....
1 crocheted pair of longies from bibs and bots
skirty-leggings from Lisa Knitting service
Goodmama from USA - En route :wine:
LHK soaker
Shorties preloved from GreenFerret
FFN preloved from GreenFerret
3 DnFs from USA
Hempboost and ooga bib from Puddlekins
Ooga flongies from Fluffycabbage (to pay)
Goodmama NN (need to save up for lol)
Ooga ABK top (need to save up for lol)

Received in the last few days:

Wetbag set from Jabula nappies :wine:
New style WNNN - surprise Gelato fabric - was Aqua Sea outer and Grape Aid inner :wine:

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby paintedclaws » Tue Nov 10, 2009 2:29 pm

Oh i know that feeling Louise, i'm in the same co-op and can't wait to get the clothes. I hope they're worth the wait.

Waiting on...
Linnea Designs Hoodie (Noah)
Linnea Designs dress (Poppy)
4 Holden's Landing fitteds and 1 embroidered bedbug
2 Soakers from The Nappy Garden (strawberry fool and black/red)
1981 rainbow blanket
Neels for longies (Noah)
Woollywumpkins longies for Noah
Woollywumpkins crochet longies for Poppy
BBB Sweater
TS sweater
WNNN (GHMILY and red robots)
Clwt Twt doll
Harmony and Daniels Beds
A house that hasn't been flooded, within the next two weeks would be fab. :cry:

List for..
Pixieknits dress and 2 pairs of longies (Poppy)
Pixieknits skirty and longies (with my yarn for Poppy)
Pixieknits Longies for Noah
Pixieknits/ felt fusion felted fruit/bag
Felt Fusion stockings
4 Heavenly Anarchist sweaters
Tempestuous Poppet for a soaker and longies (Poppy and Noah)
Droopy Drawers Skirty
Neels/WW Cassie Coo
Neels/TNG custom colourway
LLS tester soaker for Noah
LLS tester skirty for Poppy

Recently received.
Noah's Little Tikes Thomas Bed. :mrgreen:
Northern Essence
Holden Landing from BibsNbots
2 WNNN (dinosaurs, Ooga)
BBB hoody for Harmony
BBB hoody for Poppy - Its soooo cute!
6 Picklepaints tops
TS OBV Hoody for Poppy
AIW crochet longies
Woollybottoms footies, in blue with rainbow shine feet.
Clwt Twt Doll
3 Fluff and Stuff (1 for Noah, 2 for Poppy) On the way!
Melkaj Dandelion MT
Red cupcake hat
Puddlepants Weedie
Pixieknits longies (Noah with my BLL Reflections yarn)
Rainbow Waters set (Noah) :waiting:
Rainbow Waters longies (Noah) :waiting:
Soaring Sheep longies in BLL Leo
Woollywumpkins Poppy Choc skirty and hat
Holden's Landing My Deerest Set
4 Holden's Landing OBV fitteds for Poppy
Clear Hills Honey lipbalms
2 DunkNFluffs
Doll for Poppy from Dawanda - its gorgeous!
Felted balls for Noah from felt fusion
Bobbydazzlers dipdye unicorn longies
Bobbydazzlers pastel chic scrappy longies

I did some serious shopping last week too so have had deliveries from all over the place in the past few days, my diningroom looks like a Warehouse. :giggle:

Carolyn xx


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