I am waiting on....

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby Kirstyh » Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:39 pm

I'm not waiting on much just now
2 Tykies
Wool wash and lanoin
PD inserts
diaper dust

Recently received

LLS interlock longies - gorgeous
Pixi knit longies - gorgeous
2 pre-loved EP inserts

Custom OBV HL pj's to match dreamscape
HO co-op

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby clairelou88 » Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:43 pm

waiting on:
LLS interlock longies in forest flowers
ooga collab Bobby Dazzlers

recieved recently-
wool soaker-wahm made by FUZZIFAN

pipe line:
x2 custom DnF'S

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby vampiredreams » Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:03 am

My new updated list as of 04/01/10

Lime edged OBV Goodmamas - GEOMAX
MooBooBaby skirtie & leggings - CHARLIBUNNY
Addicted to ewe shorts - CHARLIBUNNY
Flutterby Night large - MUMMYTOFIVE
Flutterby day large - MUMMYTOFIVE
Ooga Puddlekins - JASMINEB
HL dreamscape - FREYASMUM
2 fleece wraps - MAMMYMADE
Tester nappy - JELLYNOSE CHIC
Puddlekins scraps - PUDDLEKINS
customised juliette skirtie - LISA KNITTING SERVICE (0_LISA_0) (due early 2010)
2 medium Fluff N Stuff - CNT CO-OP (due early 2010)
LLS spring green longies - LISA KNITTING SERVICE (0_LISA_0) (due early 2010)
LLS pinky black soaker (my prize :oops: ) - LISA KNITTING SERVICE (0_LISA_0) (due early 2010)


Dunk N Fluffs in Large or Medium
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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby clothpixie » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:56 am

Recently Received:
LLS bv longies for DD
GHMILY Playdress
Preloved L WNSS
Preloved L Like a tiger itti
Preloved Velour outfit x2 for DD on ebay

Waiting on:
GHMILY Longie Set from Etsy......was supposed to be a Christmas outfit but hum ho...(despatched 12/12)
Preloved GM from Spots Corner so I can try a GM.....despatched end of Nov :-?
New L Itti snap in one blue
Preloved Mamabless longies L
Preloved 2 L WNSS
Preloved 1 L BBSS

2 toddler day nappies in HO co-op

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby fluffycabbage » Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:10 pm

Waiting On:
honeylover122 (etsy) - custom purple ooga l/s top & flongies
jabula - 1 wild child NN
Lisa - skirtie
clarge - 2 x Minki supersoakers L
Sunset - slinki minki L blue sheep
Snugglebots - 2 cow fleece hats

Recently received
Eva - 2 x BBSS M
Blueberry - 2 x BBSS M

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby Louise » Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:41 pm

Arrived recently
SS longies from kt24
SS ABK tops and pants for Amy and Ryan
DD skirtie longies
Pixie Knits scrappy longies
Pixie Knits hats for DH

Waiting for
Linnea Designs hoodie dress for Katie (ordered in August :shock: ) :waiting:
Linnea Designs hoodie dress for Amy :waiting:
Linnea Designs hoodie for Ryan :waiting:
Linnea Designs hoodie for me :waiting:
Tester soaker from Lisa
Tester Skirtie from LLS
Heavy Wetter FnS
Neels longies
HO red riding hood in this colourway
DD skirtie
HO soaker
HO night nappy
HO day nappy
Turtlebutt soaker (prize from the awards)
PK bath towel set (prize from the awards)

In the pipeline
HL dreamscape and PJs
LLS interlock (still trying to decide what to get :roll: :giggle: )
some more WNSS (still deciding what to get too :roll: )

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby megansmummy » Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:49 pm

Miine has hanged a bit again so here is a new version...

tester soaker from LLS
knitting from lisas knitting service
scrappy longies from droopy drawers
scrappy shorties from pixie knits
2 regular FnS nappy (co-op) (needs paying yet)
owls HO nappy

16 puddlekins slimbos
2 puddlekins slimbos (pre-loved from Nic)
3 puddlekins csp (pre loved from nic)

Recently recieved~
scrappy longies from droopy drawers
soaker from droopy drawers (with snugglebots yarn)
shorties from droopy drawers (with snugglebots yarn)
8 coolababies pockets
3 p'tit dessous inserts
about 15 ep hemps
1 GK bamboo
1 GK hemp
1 HL tri tone (part of a swap)
2 WNOS (1 sold on again)
2 BBOS inserts
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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby paintedclaws » Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:45 pm

It's been ages since i wrote it all down...

Linnea Designs Hoodie (Noah)
Linnea Designs dress (Poppy)
Neels/WW Cassie Coo
Woollywumpkins longies for Poppy
Woollywumpkins longies for Noah
Pixieknits Soaker for Noah
HO Sleuthing sweater for Noah
2 Fluff and Stuff nappies
2 Fluff and stuff from co-op
LLS tester soaker for Noah
LLS tester skirty for Poppy

List for..

BibsNBots Skirty :mrgreen:
Pixieknits dress and longies (Poppy)
Pixieknits skirty and longies (with my yarn for Poppy)
4 Heavenly Anarchist sweaters
HO for Night nappies for Poppy
HL's for night nappies for Poppy (or atleast will be)

Recently received.
Gorgeous Weenotions Wetbag with butterfly embroidery
Tempestuous Poppet for a soaker and longies (tiger and bunny) plus tiger longies for Noah's doll. - Soooo cute. :mrgreen:
Neels/TNG custom colourway
Pixieknits Longies for Noah - carnival
Felt Fusion for stockings, bobbles, balls
Pixieknits/ felt fusion felted fruit/bag
4 Holden's Landing fitteds and 1 embroidered bedbug
BBB hoody - rocket embroidered and camo ooga
Clwt Twt dolls (large boy doll, large girl doll, medium boy baby and two small baby dolls)
Soaring Sheep skirty set
Pixieknits longies and FF WNNN
Pixieknits longies
Pixieknits neckwarmer
Knitted socks for me.
Lace bookmark
HA dress and bonnet
BBL yarn

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby pookie3101 » Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:18 pm

Carolyn, how long is your list ! :shock:

I'm only waiting for my Linnea co-op bits which was posted early December (Probably stuck in customs) & a pre-order Fluff and Stuff from tha Nappy Garden.


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