I am waiting on....

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby vampiredreams » Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:40 pm

My new updated list as of 29/01/10

toddler bedbug - LALLYSMUM
Tester nappy - JELLYNOSE
2 Fluff N Stuff - CNT CO-OP
12 DNF larges - CNT CO-OP

ABK/Knitterarty Collab - KNITTERARTY
customised juliette skirtie - LISA KNITTING SERVICE (0_LISA_0)
LLS pinky black soaker (my prize :oops: ) - LISA KNITTING SERVICE (0_LISA_0)

Puddlekins scraps - PUDDLEKINS

Medium DNF - BRYC1 25/01/10
Flongies - BRYC1 25/01/10
2 x Fleece Coolababy nappies - EBAY 27/01/10
Longies/crops - SNOOZLEY WOOZLEY BABY 27/01/10
2 fleece wraps - MAMMYMADE 27/01/10
2 x Dark Side tops - MOLLYBOB 28/01/10
Large dreamscape - HEATHERLONDON 29/01/10
black LARGE AIO itti - SARAHLOVESOLLIE 29/01/10
blue polka LARGE AIO itti - SARAHLOVESOLLIE 29/01/10
red polka LARGE AIO itti - SARAHLOVESOLLIE 29/01/10
Chocolate LARGE AIO itti - SARAHLOVESOLLIE 29/01/10
Pixie knit scrap crops - CLARELANA 29/01/10
LLS spring green longies - LISA KNITTING SERVICE (0_LISA_0) 29/01/10
1 x Mummy's Little Vampire bodysuit - EBAY 29/01/10

Dunk N Fluffs in Large
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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby mineemo » Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:05 am

Waiting for :

pop-in from winniewheresmypooh ( lost in the post somewhere :evil: :evil: (not at winnie just at post people)
some clothes from mollybob
2 dnfs cnt co-op . . . . . via vampiredreams as im not loved enough to be made a ful memeber and put my own order in YET!!!!!
10 fleece liners from ebay
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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby Natalie » Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:06 am

1 x fluff and stuff
4 x piddle poddles
2 x FlutterbyFluff
1 x HO Nappy
1 x HO Soaker
1 meter Dyed OBV
1 x Top Clairelana
4 x CHH lipbalms
2 x PC
1 x Asquared Dress
1 x ASquared Hoody
1 x ASquared Trousers
1 x Small Embroidered Interlock Soaker

In the pipeline:
Holdens Landing Order

1 x Upsy Daisy one size
1 x Upsy Daisy Wrap

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby happytails » Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:53 pm

Im waiting on

1 size 6 Nati baby greece green wrap
1 HONN sz2
1 Pink skirty (Freyasmummy)
2 Amber teething necklaces (Cyrillia)
1 or 2 Large DnF (from co-op)

In the works

Pixie Knit skirty in 'Breezy' colourway (or 'breeze' cant remember but its lush!)

Recently received

2 WN CSP :wine:

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby Louise » Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:06 pm

Arrived recently
Linnea Designs hoodie for me
Linnea Designs hoodie dresses for the girls
Linnea Designs hoodie (dress ) for Ryan
Snugglebots skirtie set
DD scrappy skirtie
Snugglebots flongies
M Rainbow FnS
L Jelly Beans FnS

Waiting for
Tester soaker from Lisa
Tester Skirtie from LLS
Regular FnS
Neels longies - finished and lanolising!
HO red riding hood - finished being sent with longies above :D
LLS interlock longies
LLS bamboo longies for Katie
LLS bamboo longies for Amy
HO night nappy
HO day nappy
Turtlebutt soaker (prize from the awards)
PK bath towel set (prize from the awards)
fleece wipes and wipe solution (prize from the awards)
HL Geisha PJs to match Katie's dreamscape
Scrunchkins socks for DH
Snugglebots interlock skirtie
4 DnFs from the co-op
Asquared dress for Amy
Asquared t-shirt for Ryan
replacement Linnea Designs hoodie for Ryan (hopefully :-? )

In the pipeline/custom slots booked
HL dreamscape and PJs
some more WNSS (still deciding what to get :roll: )
4 slots for surprise Pixie Knits woollies
1 slot for surprise handspun woollies from Snugglebots
1 slot for surprise woollies from Droopy Drawers
Scrunchkins scrappy socks for me
Snugglebots scrappy slot
2 Droopy Drawers slots

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby Kirstyh » Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:14 pm

I'm not waiting on much just now :(
Still waiting on 2 Tykies since Sept I think :roll:
Snugglebots skirtie and soaker
Pj's and pillow case from HL to match Dreamscape

Recently Recieved
Toddler Bedbug from Steph
LLS interlock longies
Skirtie and soaker from Snugglebots

In The Pipeline
2 large DnF
A couple of skirties

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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby Frances » Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:16 pm

Recently received:

500g of undyed superwash DK from Fyberspates
lots of acid dyes from LLS
2.5 metres of bv from LLS
tester CSP from Jellynose Chic

I'm waiting for:

a bundle of fabric, patterns and bag handles from Bethy (Jimmy Riddles)
first metre of fabric from the LLS fabric club
6 yards of fabric from Claire's fabric co-op
1.7 metres of fabric from Nichola
two size 2 bv HO day nappies
two large knit heavy wetter F&S day nappies
two large bv D&F day nappies
skirtie and flongies from Snugglebots
my prize skirtie from Lisa (Lisa's Knitting)
April handspun bloomer slot from Snugglebots

That's it, I'm on a self-imposed PayPal ban for February :( We honestly don't need any more nappies (we don't need the 6 I've ordered) and I've got enough crafty stuff to last me for the next 4 months at least...
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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby clairelou88 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:52 pm

waiting on:
LLS interlock longies in forest flowers
1 HO night nappy+ day nappy
snugglebots scrappies
2 DnF

in the pipe line which need paying for co-op
2 pixie knit longies
HO-csp x4

2 DnF large-DNF
blue lion king longies-knitarty
x2 rainbow waters interlock sets
4 Zen moon BV csp
3 GWTF + 1 fairy wn wetbag
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Re: I am waiting on....

Postby HighlandMum » Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:15 pm

Waiting for -
Pixie Knits scrappy longies
WNNN from MegansMummy
CSP x6 from WeeNotions
D n F x2 Coop
HO CSP x3 Coop

Recently recieved -
GM from MegansMummy
WN Wetbag from ZippyPurpleMonkey
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