When, what cloth nappy and why?

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When, what cloth nappy and why?

Postby weebee » Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:56 am

I though it would be fun to see when you all you use what cloth nappies and why you chose to use them! Here's what nappy's I'm choosing to us at the moment for my 3.5month old baby boy :

When: Overnight. What: Totsbots bamboozle, little lamb bamboo, DnF or Jimmy riddle with LL Bamboo boosters and a thirsties duo, fleece or LL wrap. Why: Brilliant absorbency

When: First thing in the morning. What: LL microfibre with LL bamboo booster and any wrap or Flip. Why: I chose these as I don't want a heavy or a pretty nappy as it won't last long (until his mid morning guzzle explosion :giggle: ) but I need something with good containment. These are also easy for me to use pre-coffee when my eyes aren't open properly. Side snaps would have the better of m

When: Out and about in the day time What: anything nice! Mainly Itti bittis, Tuttos, cushie tushies, weenotions, BG v4 artist prints and nice WAHM nappies. Why: To look nice and promote cloth nappies! Also because I love to see a nice nappy when I'm changing his bum as it makes me smile :D Ittis bittis are especially good for my change bag as they don't take up much room.

When: special occasions. What: Weenotions Why: To show off his gorgeous cloth bum! Also as I can trust its containment (as explosions and leakage aren't good for showing off!)

When: anytime What: Flip with MF insert and sometimes a LL bamboo booster too Why: My most reliable, simplest, Daddy and Granny proof nappy that results in minimal washing and minimal drying time :yahoo:

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Re: When, what nappy and why?

Postby docmaggoo » Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:18 am

Such a good idea for a thread Karen, here's mine!

When: Nighttime
What: for now...Tots bots bamboozle (old style) & BBOS hemp/MF insert as a booster with PUL wrap
but got some HL BB+ & HW LLS night nappies on the way because she's outwiddling our boosted day nappies at night!
Why: because they are what we used with DS1, but with Eleanor being a heavy wetter -im switching to dedicated night nappies!

When: Daytime/Out & about
What: itti d'lish, weenotions or fitteds with fleece or wool
Why: Ittis are such a good fit on eleanor and I love the trimnes of them with the convienience of AI2s, but love love love the reliability and prettiness of the fitteds and wool!

When: Special OccasionsWhat: custom weenotions - or my favourite OWW with pixie knits skirtie!
Why: soooooo pretty!!

When: Pre-bed time nappy
What: loosely folded terry, my homemade fitted nappy from a prefold or nappy free!!! :happypixies:
Why: because Eleanor is still awake, but will be going into her night nappy in the next 30-45mins and don't want her to widdle in a bamboo nappy which will take ages to dry. plus she loves the freedom of nappy free time (sometimes using the loose terry if she hasn't done a poo so far that day and to prevent any redecoration of the rug :nono: !!

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Re: When, what nappy and why?

Postby rachymoo » Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:30 am

When: Nighttime
What: A well boosted WNNN with wool over the top!
Why: Because he pees lots :giggle:

When: Daytime/Out & about
What: Any of our nice fitteds (OWW, Orange Diaper Co, T&T, amongst others), plus Ittis, Weenotions, and Easyfits if I know I'm going to be in a rush/if someone else (i.e. grandma) might be doing a nappy change
Why: For prettiness to promote cloth (plus in the case of Easyfits - they are simple to use if someone else is changing him)

When: Special Occasions
What: Custom Weenotions, or nice fitteds and nice woolies :)
Why: Self explanatory :)

When: Pre-bed time/first thing in the morning
What: Terry square or boring/on their last legs fitteds
Why: They are only ever used at this time, I don't really use them out and about because they are either not pretty enough/not absorbent enough/I just don't like them very much lol!

When: On a warm summer's day
What: Nice WAHM fitteds with no cover
Why: Because it keeps him cool and it's a chance to show off the lovely dyed/print fitteds that are usually covered up

When: When he is being looked after by his Dad/Nan/etc
What: Easyfits
Why: Because they all prefer using them because (in their words) 'less faffing about!'

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Re: When, what nappy and why?

Postby babiesgalore+1more » Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:11 pm

When: night time
What: WNNN v3 or holdens landing bedbug+ with wool cover
Why: These are the most reliable for us to last the 10 till 7 marathon, even when reuben feeds in the night and I'm too lazy to change him!!!

When: morning
What: girls, flips with thirsties prefold Reuben tb bamboozle stretch size 1 with WNNL wrap or flips with thirsties prefold.
Why: because I rind them very reliable and I know they are one of the few things the girls won't take straight off!

When: out and about
What: Reuben and girls-fitteds and wool/Bamboozles with WN wraps/WN pockets
Why: to show off cute cloth bums!!!

When: baby clinic
What: custom WN pockets or fitted and wool.
Why: because I like to show off our nappies and i like the comments they get and most of all I like to stand next to the lady with the plain White BG!!! ;) awful but true!!!

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Re: When, what nappy and why?

Postby sjm » Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:47 am

Night time
Wnnn or ll bamboo with a flip wrap
Great containment

Fitteds wnnl and hl with flip wraps or wool
Wn pockets ittis or easy fits
Fitteds are so reliable
Pockets aio easy and slim esp for daddy or nana

First thing and last thing
Flp wraps and inserts
Bombproof and quick drying

Special occasions
Wnnl and wool or wn custom pretties

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Re: When, what nappy and why?

Postby fivefourfour » Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:16 am

Good idea! Ours is quite simple, really.

When: daytime. What: AIO/AI2 mainly WN. Why: At 2.5, madam is not used to staying still for long so two part nappies are not an option for us! Good containment and nice looking!

When: long journeys in car/pram. What: Stuffable AIO, TB easyfits and one or two others. Why: As an extra protection against preassure wicking, I have easyfits and add a bamboo/zorb booster or two to give a bit more oomph.

When: Nearly bathtime/bedtime. What: Ebay cheapy, or nappy free. Why: Don't go to the trouble of a full on nappy for only 30/40 mins. Nappy free time only when she's sitting still (on a towel!).

When: nights. What: Either Puddlekins All-hours or LLS Heavy Wetter night nappy with fleece wrap or flongies or wool interlock wrap. Why: She's a super-duper wee-er at night, and as she holds and releases more and more, easily floods any other nappy.

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Re: When, what nappy and why?

Postby clothnappyaddict » Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:04 pm

When - Night time
What - Wonderoos V2 with the MF booster folded and a folded bamboo mini booster to the front.
Why - Because it does the job, simple.

When - First & second nappies of the day.
What - Pocket nappy, usually a BBOS, Ebay Cheapie stuffed with a prefold, Issy Bear with both inserts, or BGV3.
Why - Because all of the above provide enough absorbency for my heavy wetter to last during play and then nap times. I steer clear of AIO's/SIO's for these nappies because Fin usually poos in his first and second nappies of the day and it's a pain trying to get the poo off the various inserts.

When - Late afternoon
What - Tutto's, Itti SIO's or Bambooty Easy Dry's (always with mini booster).
Why - His poo's are usually out of the way by then so no trying to scrape it off the edges of inserts with loo roll.

When - Before bath/bed
What - Itti AIO, TB Easyfit.
Why - These don't last too long on him before they leak so I use them when I wouldn't want to waste using a more reliable nappy for such a short space of time.

When - Out and about.
What - WNOS stuffed with prefold or BBOS.
Why - Because they're smart and relaible :)

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Re: When, what nappy and why?

Postby jr001 » Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:31 pm

WHEN night
WHAT bumbles & disana wool soaker
WHY they have such large pockets I can stuff with as much absorbancy as required, plus a built in fleece liner so no faffing around during night changes. A wool soaker because they are leak proof and let her bum breathe.

WHEN first nappy of the day
WHAT terry & airflow wrap
WHY she tends to poo first thing in the morning so I let her do it in one of my terries which I don't care if they stain. I use the airflow wrap as her breastfed poos are pretty explosive but the airflow is bomb proof.

WHEN daytime at home
WHAT terries & handknitted wool soaker/skirty/longies
WHY terries are great because they are absorbant enough for my baby and dry quickly so it doesn't matter if she poos in a clean nappy, I know I can dry it quickly with no tumble dryer. The wool because they are super cute and allow her bum to breathe, also double up as clothes so less washing. to do with my reflux baby.

WHEN going out
WHAT little lamb bamboo & airflow wrap
WHY I use the bamboo in case she naps and I don't change her bum whilst we are out. I use the airflow in case of an unexpected poo and also so there is no pressure wicking from the wool in the sling.

WHAT pockets (little lamb, bumgenius, ebay cheapies and wahm)
WHERE changing bag
WHY easy to change her bum when out and about, they look pretty and take up less space in the bag.

WHAT little lamb microfibre
WHERE emergencies
WHY I use these when I am having a nappy drying crisis, as they dry quickly. I don't particulary like these nappies but are a godsend when nothing is dry.

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Re: When, what nappy and why?

Postby Bumboleo » Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:39 am

DS is 4 months old:

When: Overnight.
What: Totsbots Bamboozle Stretchie, Junior Joy basic booster (terry) and woollen shorties.
Why: Because since going on to formula he is a total super soaker! Wool has been incredible so far (only used for 3 nights!) - one morning the booster wasn’t even completely wet :-o

When: First thing in the morning.
What: Terry with LL or Blueberry wrap
Why: He’ll only be in it about half an hour to an hour before his first nap of the day. Before naps I will put on something nice and absorbent like a Grovia O.N.E or a Totsbots Easyfit (LOVE them!)

When: Out and about in the day time
What: Charlie Banana pockets or Little Lamb pockets
Why: CBs for the perfect fit and total adjustability - no leaks! LL for the gorgeous prints. Totsbots Easyfits or Grovia O.N.Es for long car journeys.

When: special occasions.
What: Something with good containment! Totsbots Easyfit or Bambino Miosolo.
Why: Special occasions he would probably be in a nice outfit so nappy not on show. So something with good containment to avoid ruining that nice outfit! Haven’t really had any special occasions yet. Want to get a novelty Xmas nappy for fun :)

When: anytime
What: Charlie Bananas!
Why: Perfectly adjustable for my long skinny boy :) You don’t have to stick to the rise settings they mark out - bra strap design means you can have it adjusted between sizes, e.g at the mo DS is between the last S and the first M size. Lots of terries used at home though as they dry so quickly and are so versatile. My favourite wraps are the Little Lamb wraps, great fit over terries.


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