Review: Easy Peasy Eco Bimble Newborn

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Review: Easy Peasy Eco Bimble Newborn

Postby Bugglyboo » Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:14 pm

Manufacturer: Easy Peasy
Nappy Name: Eco Bimble Newborn
Type of Nappy: fitted
Fastener: Nippa
Material: Cotton terry
Size: Newborn, up to approx 15lbs

Reliability: 10/10
Absorbancy: 8/10
Cuteness: 7/10
Drying Speed: 9/10
Slimness: 10/10
Value for money: 10/10

Overall Comment:

These nappies are only £4! They are as cheap as terry nappies but you don't need to fold them.

The Eco Bimble nb is a great nappy, it's trim and will fit different shaped babies due to the nippa fastening. It isn't as absorbant as a bamboo nappy even with the booster but as it has a nice big pocket, it's easy to stuff with bamboo or hemp. I like the fleece inner as it keeps baby nice and dry by wicking the moisture away from the baby.

We have had a number of explosions in these nappies and they have never leaked badly, only slightly into the wrap. The nappies have great elastication around the legs, soft and flexible, no nasty marks left on baby.

The only down sides I can find to this nappy are that it is cotton, I would love a bamboo version and they only come in plain white. BUT these are overcome by the fact that you can stuff the nappy with an extra booster and the little white fluffy nappy on a newborn is just simply scrumptious. They somehow match the gentle innocence of a teeny baby. (Now I sound like Jeremy Clarkson describing an Alfa Romeo!)

I wish I had known about these earlier as I would have bought loads more, in fact, I would have had only these for my newborn stash.

http://www.easypeasynappies.co.uk/easy- ... -448-p.asp

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