A Mama knows- bamboo velour nappies

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A Mama knows- bamboo velour nappies

Postby ems101 » Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:27 pm

Manufacturer: A Mama Knows (AMK)
Nappy Name: AMKB
Type of Nappy: Bamboo velour fitted
Fastener: Snaps
Material: Bamboo
Size: OSFA

Reliability: 10
Absorbency: 10
Cuteness: 7
Drying Speed: 5
Slimness: 7
Value for money: 10

Overall Comment: *

Highly recommended


Detailed Comments: 'A Mama Knows' seems to be a small company producing only this one nappy and wool soakers. They have a semi watrproof layer which means that you wouldn't necessarily need to use a wrap if you have a light wetter, or only going to use it for a short time. Personally, I use a wrap. I have a moderate wetter, who would pee through these in 3 hours.

They have a fold out velour liner as well as a snap in bamboo booster. These nappies come in seven colours, and have a rainbow ruffle trim so they are cute, appealing nappies. The velour stays soft to the touch, so they feel nice against your child's skin. The ruffle seems to help against leaks but i have found that it takes a bit of tucking in to get them neatly under a wrap. I have used totsbots flexiwraps, blueberry coverall, and nature babies classic wraps, all of which work with this nappy, but did need a bit of wriggling to get it right!

The downside to the ruffle is that they reduce the open surface area, therefore increasing drying time. They take an extra hour or so compaired to other fitted bamboo nappies. The elastic in these nappies seems good. They fit nicely on my 10month old chunky boy, and I think they will fit him for some time. They have a snap down rise, and plenty of snaps to adjust the waist setting. We are not using the full rise yet, so there is plenty of room for growth.

The most amazing thing about these nappies, is the cost. They are often on sale at £6.50 each!! Yes, thats £6.50 for a bamboo nappy. When not on sale, they are £8 which is still very good - a good couple of quid cheaper than other bamboo fitteds.

They only niggle I have with these nappies, is that they are made in China. Im not sure it should be a niggle as most bamboo comes from Aisa, so should it matter where the nappies are constructed? I do wonder if working conditions are what we would expect them to be in the UK. The price of these nappies just raised a slight concern for me. Whether this is justified or not Im not sure.

Lastly, the customer service from AMK has been ace. I was sent a free replacement nappy when one of the snaps on mine came off. This hasnt proved to be a problem in any of the other nappies I have bought from them. Responses were quick, as was postage.

I would happily have an entire stash of these nappies. They work, and thats the bottom line for me ('scuse the pun ;)

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