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Review Baby Life BTP

Postby clothmama » Sat Mar 03, 2007 11:55 am

Reliability: 9/10
Absorbancy: 5/10
Cuteness: 6/10
Drying Speed: 9/10
Slimness: 10/10
Value for money: 8/10

Overall Comment: Recommended

Detailed Comments: I call this nappy my 'silent nappy' because I always forget about it when I'm doing head counts of my nappies or talking about my nappies! A friend gave it to me and I've been using it since he was a newborn, it was slim and well fitting then. He is now a 10 month 10 kg chunky baby and it still fits really well and I think that he will be in it for a good ling while to come. It isn't massively absorbant but even with a booster added its still really really slim and it drys oh so quickly! I've got some silly little bears or something on mine but they now do a cute spotty version. This is a good nappy to have as a quick drying slim nappy that really does fit from NB, I doubt that it would go to toddler although only time will tell!

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