GoodMama Onesize Bamboo Velour Diaper Review

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GoodMama Onesize Bamboo Velour Diaper Review

Postby gayleygoo » Sat Jun 06, 2009 2:12 pm


Normal price $35

Reliability: 7
Absorbancy: 7
Cuteness: 9
Drying Speed: 8
Slimness: 8
Value for money: 7

Recommended (would be highly recommended if they were more affordable!)

Nappy materials:
Outer: Plush organic bamboo velour, can come in various print outers (bamboo or cotton) or plain with different colour options for snaps and serging.
Core: Organic bamboo fleece,
Inner: "Soft and Silky" organic bamboo velour,snap-in booster that opens out for quicker drying.


First Thoughts:
I have heard many US mamas rave about these, so decided I had to get one to try it out. At amost £25 it seemed expensive, but I wanted to splash out! I was very excited when it arrived, and when I tore off the packaging I fell in love with the pretty print and the ultimate squishyness of the nappy. :D

I like that they come in so many prints so theres lots to choose from.
I like that they are onesize, so at least the money spent on them is a "one-off" expenditure and no further sizes are needed.
I like that they are organic.
I like that they are WAHM made.

When tried on my daughter, the first thing I noticed what how stretchy the tabs were! I can imagine these would fit an older toddler very well as there's plenty of growing room. This also made it difficult for my LO to try and take the nappy off - she couldn't, even though she can other popper nappie soff quite easily.
There is loads of leg elastic so again, lots of stretchiness but no rubbing on the thighs and no red marks. It looks very comfortable to wear and having been washed quite a few times now without tumbledrying it is still super-soft and in excellent condition. They come in many different prints so you're bound to find at least a couple that you love.
The bamboo velour is more resistant to stains than cotton.
Their drying time is average; probably about the same as a WNNL.
No liners or nippas needed, plenty of poppers for lots of adjustability.

Not So Groovy:
First thing that puts me off these nappies is the price; I dont quite feel that their loveliness justifies the expense, but if you bought quite a few in the sale and at a good exchange rate, they'd probably work out just fine :D
Some mums also use these "coverless". My DD is not a heavy wetter and after about an hour there needs to be a wrap or wool over or else it gets very wet; it is very absorbent for its trimness though.
Being made in the US, this also increases "nappy miles" and postage cost.
This nappy would not be suitable for night use on most babies.

It folds down very simply for use on a smaller baby. I haven't put this nappy on a newborn, but without the snap-in booster it looks like it should fit well around the same time as other onesize nappies (i.e. about 8-8lbs or so). I dont think it would fit from birth.

A very well made nappy that should last until potty training, and such is the quality that they would be in good condition to then pass or sell on, or use on a sibling. In the event that I could get them for less than £20, I would buy quite a few more :D

ETA: after a few weeks more use, I'm starting to like this nappy less! There are just far too many poppers on it (no need for 3 on each wing, they get in the way) and the fit is quite bad on my DD. Too tight on her thighs - and they're not particularly chunky - and too loose round her waist (unless i want it tighter on her thighs :-? ) and the booster fabrics shrink differently so there is a weird scrunch in them. More absorbent after 10 washes, but not very soft anymore. I got a few new ones, and should have washed them separatley from other nappies. The dark velour covered everything else in black and blue fluff, which 6 washes later, is only just beginning to wash off the other nappies.
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Re: Review - GoodMamas

Postby vonandiz » Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:59 pm

Reliability: 8/10
Absorbancy: 6/10
Cuteness: 8/10
Drying Speed: 8/10
Slimness: 8/10
Value for money: 7/10

Overall Comment: Functional

Detailed Comments:

I bought one of these after reading all the hype about them. Every time I use it I am amazed by the fit (which is a true BTP) and then remember that the inner exposed poppers leave marks on Noah, which disappoints me. They are wet on the outside within 2 hours and it would be impossible to go coverless for longer than an hour. They are a lovely looking nappy but unless the popper design is changed I'll not be buying anymore.

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Re: Review - GoodMamas

Postby megansmummy » Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:46 pm

Reliability: 9/10
Absorbancy: 10/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Drying Speed: 8/10
Slimness: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10

Overall Comment: Fabulous!!

Detailed Comments:
I really like these nappies, I never tried them with my daughter but i seriously wish I had done! I love them on my son, the fit is wonderful, they feel wonderful, they last 4 hours easily and probably longer if I would let them (given he soaks through everything else is about an hour thats just amazing!). I have bought a few pre-loved and so that has saved on the cost, but as these are a birth to potty nappy i dont mind spending a little extra. They are now available in the UK from £17.50 which for a lovely OBV BTP nappy i think is pretty ok! :D

Update...I have started using them on Ds without folding the front down and although the rise is a little high on him i find them a lot less bulky :) I have just ordered 6 more :mrgreen:

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