Review - Lucy's Hope Chest

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Review - Lucy's Hope Chest

Postby Velvetsteph » Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:00 pm

Lucy's Hope Chest

Bought five of these a while back in both OBV and print options in sizes Small and Medium so I'm reviewing both together.

Fastener: side snap (can be front or side)
Nappy info: Lovely trim cute fitteds in a variey of options from hand dyed OBV (LWI, dip dyed or marble) to woven/knit print outers...
Wide choice of materials for the inner and soaker too
You also choose whether to have your nappy turned&topstitched or serged (frilly edges) depending on your personal preference... I chose T&T.

(for all the options available see here )

Absorbancy: 8/10 for cotton velour - 9/10 for OBV ones
Cuteness: 10/10
Drying Speed: 10/10
Slimness: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10

Overall Comment: Fabulous!

Detailed Comments:
Seriously recommend these nappies!

Very reliable - Grace exploded after three days without going and the print one she was in held it all in fine no leaks onto the wrap...
They dry quickly too on the airer.

For a fitted nappy they are a little pricey but how good value they are depends on what the exchange rate is doing at the time you buy as these are US nappies but they are super cute, and fairly slim too especially for a fitted.

I bought two small nappies which fitted from birth (6lbs8oz) and though I've no idea what she weighs now she's 10.5 wks and they still fit altho' the absorbency isn't so great now she's turned into a heavy wetter. Thankfully though there's a nice crossover between the sizes so she's fitting nicely into her three mediums which last through the night!

The print nappies aren't as stretchy as the OBV ones (which seem to look slightly bigger too) but they're just as cute!

I got OBV hand-dyed (Marble dyed) ones which were amazingly cute and soft (and stayed soft) with obv topped sherapa soakers and print ones with cotton velour inners & cotton velour topped sherpa soakers.

Top two are small bottom three mediums

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