Review Holden's Landing Fitted Nappies

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Review Holden's Landing Fitted Nappies

Postby victoriaw » Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:27 pm

Manufacturer: Holden's Landing
Nappy Name: Fitted diapers
Type of Nappy: Fitted
Fastener: Snaps
Material Your choice of Organic Bamboo Velour, Cotton Velour, Organic Cotton Fleece, Cotton Wovens or Knits
Size: Newborn (up to 10 lbs), Small (7-15 lbs), Medium (10-20 lbs), M/L (15-30 lbs) and Toddler (30 lbs +)

Reliability: 10/10
Absorbancy: 9/10
Cuteness: 10/10
Drying Speed: 4/10
Slimness: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10

Overall Comment: Fabulous!

Detailed Comments:


Oh, where to start... When you take this nappy out of the packet you will just squeal with delight. I chose Bamboo Organic Velour and it is so deliciously soft and squishy. You'll find this hard to put down. You might want to take it to bed with you. Just for the first night you understand.

You can get the nappy dyed to your specification and you can chose the type of booster (lay in, snap-in contour or tri-fold). If you haven't exhausted yourself from choice overload, you can also get embroidery added for extra pennies.

To make things simpler for those who don't like taking these kind of difficult decisions, they do also do some in-stock nappies too, although you'll need to don your stalking hat for these.

We have been using this as a night nappy under wool, even though it is not designed as such (they also do the fabulous bedbug range for nights). It is so absorbent though it easily lasts my 6 month old through the night. We've never had a leak.

I love the fact that this nappy is very 'neat' for an fitted nappy. There are no bits sticking out, no awkward poppers in the wrong places, no wings coming out at funny angles. It just seems to work.


It's hard to avoid the price issue. Nappies are $24-$33 depending on size and material... and then if you want embroidery, that is on top. Then there is shipping from the USA and potential customs charges. You could easily end up paying £30 and upwards for a single nappy. :shock: (There are now some stocked in the UK though, making it slightly cheaper).

The other drawback is drying time. As we don't have a tumble dryer, it does require several days to dry. That's in our warm conservatory. When it is sunny. Which isn't often. I dread to think how long it will take in winter!

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